About Me

My name is Lisa and I'm a Stay at Home Wife and Mother with two school aged children.  I am living in the country in a very tiny town with a population of about 500.

I love to cook. In grade school we were tested by an organization that suggested what career your personality best matched.  The results of that test said I would grow up to be a chef.  Did I go on to study Culinary Arts from there?  No.  But they were right, I do love to cook.  I always have.

There is just one minor problem on my road to joyful cooking.  My daughter is a Celiac.  She is the only Celiac in our household of 5. Can I strike a balance and create meals that everyone will enjoy?  Can I make the gluten free portion of our meals pass with my Gluten eating friends and family?  Stick with me and we will find out together!

My goal is to make enjoyable foods that everyone can enjoy. I hope that by sharing my passion for cooking, planning and economizing I will assist others in preparing fabulous meals of their own.  If you would like to contribute or guest post, please feel free to contact me.

My daughter, little chef, helps me in the kitchen as we cook our way though life. As it turns out, it's an Extraordinary Life After all.

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