Monday, July 29, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: Week of July 29th, 2013

Good Morning Bloggy family.  It's the second week back to school and my son is really grumpy this morning.  He definitely does not want to go.  Monday's in the real world are definitely difficult.  This week is still summer session for him.  He had a good week!  A teacher wanted to know what those noodles were he was eating every day so today I think I will send her in a pack.  We love our Thai Kitchen Instant Noodles for lunch!!!

I have a few new items on the menu this week.  Check it out!

Lasagna (I used by Bolognese meat sauce for that layer)

made with Greek Yogurt, Parmesan and Spices
Steamed Broccoli


Hamburgers (pictured here on my homemade buns)
Hubs and I eat ours wrapped in a Bed of Lettuce
Served with Caesar Salad

Green Leaf Lettuce Taco Dinner

Cooked over Carrots and Onions

Meatloaf (no sugar, almond flour instead of oats), Cauliflower Puree, Broccoli

Looking for inspiration? I can help in three different ways.
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday; Week of July 21st, 2013

Hey, how they heck have you all been?  Im back down to regular hours at work (6-12 a week) so I SHOULD be able to keep up with my real life.  Right?  I also recently signed up to be a sub at my daughter's school in the cafeteria and I am so super excited to get that first call to help out!!!  I can't hardly wait for her school to start back!  You know I love being in the kitchen right?  So what's not to love in the cafeteria?

Here is a shocker.  My son starts back to School tomorrow (July 22nd).  Yup, back to school lunches are going to be in full swing here at our house.  He goes to the Kipp School which is a College Prep sort of school and summer school is mandatory.  He is having issues with a few molars growing in so he selected to eat Thai Kitchen Instant Rice Noodle Soup every day in his thermos.  Making it ahead old school and sending it in.  The broth disappears but the noodles do not clump as you would think and turns out to be a nice noodle bowl for him by the time he gets to lunch. Other snacks like Nutrition Wholesome Nut Mix, Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch Almond Crunch and Sharkies Fruit Chews will get added along with an apple.  Not sure he will actually eat the nut products but I'll toss them in anyway.

So what's for dinner here at our house?  Slim pickings I'm afraid since I am doing a pantry cleanout! LOL...

Spaghetti, Sauce and Sweet Sausage

Chicken Breast marinaded in Wicker's BBQ Marinade
Sweetened with Tomato Paste, Honey and Thickened with Arrowroot


Oven Roasted Country Style Ribs

Rib Roast
Brown on both sides on a cast iron skillet 
and bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees
Cauliflower Puree & Green Beans


Vanilla Ice Cream (paleo, gluten free)

The Elf on the Shelf on facebook told me it was National Ice Cream Day today (July 21st) so I figured I would share my newest creation.

Oh my..... this was the best vanilla ice cream I have ever made (so says my kids). The base was so good, it could have been a rock your socks vanilla pudding, which I may modify to be a pudding in the very near future.  I am having visions of making pudding up ahead of time for back to school snacks.

I am going off the beaten trail with the heavy cream and agave in this recipe. We are a coconut/almond milk using house but we do occasionally use Heavy Cream and have no issues with Dairy. I have tried replacing the heavy cream with Coconut Cream and the result is also a very nice recipe. As I stated before on my blog tho, I do not like all coconut milk in my ice cream!!  I find that all coconut cream ice creams sort of coat the tongue in an odd way that I just don't like.  Cutting it with the Almond Milk does the trick!

While I mainly use honey as my sweetener of choice, I used Agave in this ice cream because I actually ran out of Honey. Agave is what I had.  I just had to post the resulting recipe, tho, because of the raves I received from the children. My son says he prefers this recipe to the one that I use honey in because he does not like the taste of honey in an ice cream. You can't trick him, he notices it every time. Honey (in our opinion) takes on an odd taste once cooked on the stove top in items like marshmallows and ice cream that my children just do not like. We are, however, ok with it in slow low temperature items like baked goods. My recommendation for using honey in ice cream?  Honey burns very easily so the method I would recommend with a custard ice cream dish made with honey is to cook the cream, egg and arrowroot until thickened and then add honey once thickened (off of the heat).

This is the ice cream recipe I would use for special guests and holidays. Try it with the heavy cream and agave and see for yourself.

2 cups Heavy Cream (or coconut milk for paleo)
1 cup Almond Milk (unsweetened)
2 large eggs
3 tablespoons arrowroot powder
6 tablespoon Light Agave Nectar (or honey for paleo)
2 teaspoons Pure Vanilla Extract
tiny pinch of salt

  • Combine the coconut cream, milk, egg, arrowroot powder, agave, vanilla and salt in a saucepan and slowly bring the mixture to a light boil.  You will just start to see bubbles erupt through the thickened mixture.
  • Let mixture cool for 5 minutes, and refrigerate until cooled.
  • Add to your ice cream maker and follow instructions according to your machine.

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