Menu Plan Monday: Week of February 25th 2013

So I am spillin ketones again.  Why, because after eating so much of the birthday cake I made for my niece this weekend I am no longer using them.  I could and should have created her a new paleo type lemon cake using the chocolate cake I have here.  The starch is so minimal that it still works well for our diet, yet normal enough to feel like regular cake in your mouth.  Hard work ahead for me this week getting my body back to where it was supposed to be burning ketones.  Week, maybe month.  Cheaters never win!! LOL.....

Oh hey, good news.  After four years I finally found a job to apply to that really think I will enjoy.  As long as my 10 year back ground check comes back clean (it will) I will be hired as a Plant-People vendor at Lowes to take care of our little towns garden center. You all KNOW i will love that right???  It is part time and flexible.  So I literally can only work the hours between dropoff and pickup at school.   I am so excited!!

I actually did not get to a few meals last week (spaghetti squash and pork chops).  One day we drove though and got bunless burgers at BK and another day we had a bring a dish Girl Scouts event that I forgot about so I sent in mini meatballs in sauce.  My daughter loved it!!!!



Rosemary Chicken and Cauliflower Rice

Photo Credit: The Pioneer Woman
Country Fried Round Steak with Sautéed Cabbage

Lenten Soup Supper at church.

Shopping in town, Out to Eat


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