Menu Plan Monday: Week of November 26th, 2012

The theme for this weeks menu swap is Thanksgiving Leftovers.  I have some of my ideas in my menu plan for you.  Over the weekend we tried Urban Poser's Chicken Turkey Pot Pie.  The crust was a bit dense for our linking but the creamy insides were heavenly. Amazing since there was no cream in it what-so-ever.  A dead ringer or the stuff you used to make with the cream, I swear! We also made Chicken and Rice Soup on Black Friday ~ its a tradition.

Well, I made it though the holidays without gaining weight!  Whoo Hoo!  I did not loose weight either but its a trade of, ya know!  I did use sugar in my recipes the form of Coconut Sugar but also used Stevia whenever I could (like in the cranberry).  I also tried to be real strict in the times between the holiday events!

Turkey Croquettes (a Philadelphia Favorite!) ~ I would use Against All Grains Mushroom Soup Recipe from our green bean casserole and some leftover Almond Flour bread crumbs that was made for the stuffing!  In order for my kids to eat it tho, I will have to make it look like a breaded chicken patty (flat and round).  LOL!


Turkey and Dumplings ~ My children LOVE this dish and actually requested it very recently.  I suppose they were looking at the hot turkey sandwiches I served them up and thought they would give me a suggestion for a dish they actually LIKED! LOL.   I would use the turkey carcass for this recipe instead of the fryer pieces suggested.  Use the meat that comes off the bone and save the whole pieces or another dish.

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Leftover Turkey Burgers ~ Seems a bit like the Croquettes with less breading and creaminess.  But go ahead and add that slice of cheese on top and serve it like you would a regular old hamburger!  We are turkey burger enthusiasts here in our house.  I purchase them over beef most times.  


Lets have some steak after all this turkey, okay?  LOL.  I am going to grill up some Strip Steak, Sauté mushrooms and Butternut Squash puree.  Let's not forget the broccoli.

Pizza and Caesar Salad with cold turkey bits!



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