Extraordinary Life's Cookie Recipe Collection 2012

Cake Mix Cookies: 
For the EASY Baker

Paleo/Primal Cookies: 
For the PALEO Baker

Made from Scratch: 
For the From Scratch Baker
Drop Cookies

Roll Out Cookies

* * * * *

Thinking about getting a head start on your holiday baking?  How you store your made ahead cookies for the holiday is probably a matter of experience.  I have read a few different methods over the years.  I personally like to make the cookie dough up ahead of time and freeze until baking day .  In my opinion, a fresh baked cookie ROCKS!  I will either shape the dough into disks for roll out cookies and freeze, drop cookies onto a baking sheet, freeze and bag, or just roll dough out into a tube to slice and bake later.  Make sure to wrap your dough well.  Defrost in the refrigerator overnight.  Follow recipe according to directions for that particular cookie.

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