Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of October 1st, 2012

Hello everyone, Happy first day of October!  It is fish week over at the Gluten Free Menu Swap, however, I don't cook or eat fish.  I KNOW I should.  In fact I envy Heather at Celiac Family who makes it a point to serve it once a week.  I want to do that, I want to step out of my comfort zone start and start forcing my self to add it to our menu once a week.  SO......I am glad this is Fish Week, I am looking forward to getting some ideas.  here is one I found on the web:

Photo Credit: Macnifique
Macnifique has a great looking Paleo Breaded Fish Sticks I want to try some day soon. Check beneath the recipe for the Tartar Sauce recipe as well.

I cleaned out my spare refrigerator/freezer this weekend and found lots of half prepared items that were meant to be used up and not go to waste.  This week I am featuring meals made with these tidbits I found in the freezer!  Waste not want not, right?  

Still holding steady on the diet front.  Hubby went away last week and managed to stay the same weight as of today.  I too am the same.  I was just complaining to hubby that I have been dieting since May and still only lost 19 pounds.  Those were the hardest to come off 19 pounds that I have EVER lost.  It feels frustrating sometimes not to loose more weight quicker.  I am a results oriented person after all.  Now I know I sound like I am complaining about this diet. Truth is I should look at it this way. I have been told that this time I LOOK like I lost 40 pounds.  I guess this Paleo diet allowed me to loose more inches than pounds which I understand is normal?  I look like I worked out and everyone asks me this first when they see my new size.  What did I do walk or something?  Uh, nope, no walking.  Do I work out or something?  Uh, nope, no working out (yet). :-D.

Monday, October 1st (Cub Scouts):
Photo Credit:
Paleo Beef Stroganoff (using leftover steak) Served over Cauliflower Rice
Hubby emailed me the Paleo recipe linked here but I linked this recipe in the picture, I think a combination of both is in order.

Tuesday, October 2nd (Soccer)
Leftover tidbits of pork and pantry items will transform into this Low Mein dish.

Wednesday, October 3rd (Church)
Church is serving Nacho's. 

Thursday, October 4th (Soccer)
Pulled Pork and Home Made Cole Slaw using Paleo Mayo and spices

Friday, October 5th
Green Leaf Lettuce Taco with Avocado
I had not one but TWO containers of cooked up taco meat in the freezer.

Saturday, October 6th
I have some leftover roast beef shreds that I need to find a repurpose for!

Sunday, October 7th

Looking for inspiration? I can help in three different ways.
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