Book Review: Make It Paleo by Bill Staley and Hayley Mason

The authors of this book own the web site The Food Lovers Kitchen.  If you click on this link and recognize it as one of my previous referred to links then you are correct.  I have been featuring their recipes and linking them up in my menu plan since I went Paleo in May.  I am never disappointed in any recipe they had posted there and that is a rare find for me.  So..... (long dramatic pause).....imagine my surprise when I was selected to review this book!!!!!  *happy dance*

This is a huge book jam-packed with over 200 grain-free recipes.  I mean, it barely fit inside my mailbox!  The recipes are easy to read and easy to follow with very clear instructions.  I am not kidding you, its true!  I have certain family members who ask me to make videos because sometimes they say a recipe can confuse them. I tend to be camera shy so I keep refusing.  Anyway, I digress, I think you can read this book and understand clearly how to prepare the dish with results as good as the photos inside.

Speaking about the Photographs inside.  They are beautiful and very telling.  Very large and colorful and true to recipe.  I also love the fact that above each recipe comes with a small story.  Not too wordy but just enough to fully appreciate the recipe and understand why it is in the book.  I am a lazy reader really and if you have too much to say before the recipe I may just not make it.  LOL.

As I worked though the book I became increasingly more impressed.  I am not pulling your leg here.  If you are not the cook book buying just-use-what-you-can-find-for-free kind, you may want to make an exception here. This is THE book you should buy first when starting off on your Paleo Adventure.  In fact, this book will most likely show up as Pollyanna gifts this Christmas :-). The book covers may food related issues.  For example, you are newly Paleo and don't know what to serve for a party?  This book solves that problem.  I love the menu suggestions page.  Each little menu is surrounded by those gorgeous pictures.  Try the dark chocolate cake for your birthday parties, it was incredible!  The chapter called "The Paleo Kitchen" is very informative. The know your cuts and seasonal produce pages are done in a very easy to understand format.  This chapter also covers oils, herbs and other key ingredients.  It even covers thickening agents which was a hot topic for me when I first went Paleo.  It is a complete and through Book with everything you need to know about your Paleo Kitchen.

So did I make anything in the book to back up these claims?  You bet-cha!  In fact, I started with the desserts.  Because we think way too much about desserts I guess.

First up, the Brownies!   The best we ever ate, in fact (no matter what diet we were on).

Second in the line up of tried desserts, the Chocolate Chip Cookies (made into a cake).  I wish you could ask the recipients at the party how much they liked it.  I just used my oiled up hands to smooth it.

Next on my hit list to make in the dessert arena is the Gingerbread cookies.

Below are the Entrees that children liked enough to try again.  HEY, this is a big deal around here.  I happen to have the worlds most picky kids.

Smoked Paprika Chicken Thighs.  I guess we love the flavor of smoked paprika around here and it is a key ingredient to our favorite dinner's spice blend (taco seasoning).  Does it remind them of tacos because of the paprika?  I don't know, but they loved it!

Herbed Chicken Skewers.  Both children loved eating their meal off of a stick!  So very primal right?  LOL.  I loved how quick and easy it was to pull together.

Lemon Garlic Roasting Chicken.  Now the name of this recipe turned me off initially since I really don't like lemon flavored foods.  Allow me to assure you that this dish is wonderfully flavorful and the lemon is just an enhancer.  In fact, my 7 year old daughter ripped off a leg to save for her lunch the next day!!!!    That sort of stuff just makes me smile.

I can go on and on with what recipes I want to try, there are just too many.  I had the book since September and completely lost tract of time.  I had to rip myself away from the book and kitchen and jump on here and give you a shout out about it so the list stops there.  I am very excited to continuing my recipe trials from this book.

My Final Words

This book is named Paleo but it really applies to everyone trying to follow a whole foods diet!

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