Menu Plan Monday: Week of September 24th, 2012

It is sweet potato week over at the Gluten Free Menu Swap and I am afraid that I really only have one good Sweet Potato Recipe of my own here on the blog.  It is a real winner tho, trust me....

Sweet Potato Biscuits
These are Gluten Free but are not Paleo
and we ONLY make them at Thanksgiving!

And here is a Paleo compliant recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth.  Can you tell I think way too much about sweets?  LOL.  But seriously, they are using Sweet Potatoes, Avocado, Cocoa Powder and the combination sounds like a real winner.

So far so good on the health check up, I appear to be in good health.  Nothing questionable showed up on the scans.  I won't have the lab work back for at least a week tho.  According to last years records, I am down 18 1/2 pounds.  The doctor was SO impressed.  So I told you last week about how big my pants are, remember? This week I am going to SHOW you how big they are.

I put these pants on and my hubby asked me who's pants are those.  LOL, Umm mine!  Haha.  Now just imagine me trying to pin these pants up in the back.

This menu was planed by my Webelo son who has to help me plan a weeks worth of meals for his Fitness Activity Badge.  This menu represents all the meals he loves to eat.  He not only has to plan what to eat for the week but he also has explain why it is healthy or not.  He also had to keep a record of what he ate last week. Cub Scouts wants him to go to My Pyramid, but he is a Paleo AND allergy kid so that pyramid does not work for us!  None the less the task is done and this is what he picked to eat this week.

Another little thing I did this week, I added all our events to each day so you can see just how crazy busy this house is.  Tuesday and Thursdays I have to actually pack their dinner and have them eat int between events.

Monday (Cub Scouts):
Fried Pork Chops & Green Beans

Tuesday (Football & Soccer):
Green Leaf Lettuce Taco Dinner Topped with Avocado
(Enjoy Life Brown Rice Tortilla Shells for Kids)

Wednesday (Church):
Pork Rind Breaded Chicken Nuggets & Raw Carrot Sticks

Thursday (Football & Soccer):
Paleo Pizza

Friday (Soccer):
Strip Steak, Broccoli and Spinach

Saturday (Game Day):

Green Leaf Lettuce Taco Dinner Topped with Avocado
(Enjoy Life Brown Rice Tortilla Shells for Kids)

Sunday (Church):
TBD or Leftovers ~ We usually have tons of leftovers for Sunday.  So I will either make a new meal out of them of serve them up for dinner.

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