Menu Plan Monday: Week of September 17th, 2012

It's Apple week on the Gluten Free Menu Swap

What I want to do for you is link you to the wonderful Paleo recipes that I have found and enjoyed so far.

Apple Spiced Coffee Cake

Paleo Granny Smith Apple Crisp
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So on the diet front, I was packaging up some chicken purchased in bulk while my mother sat at the kitchen table.  With chicken hands I could not constantly pull up my pants as I usually do now that I am much thinner. So I am busy with chicken and my drawers promptly fell right to the floor.  I can no longer pin said pants up and rely on them to keep me covered out in public so my mother took me directly to the local department store to purchase some new ones for my birthday.  It was there that we realized that I am now EXACTLY HALF the size I used to be in pants.  Take my old pants size and divide that in half, that is what size I am now.  WOW! LOL.  As a good friend of mine who is also dieting said, "I hope to continue this new size for the duration."

This is my birthday week, it is also the week I get my complete check up.  By weeks end I will know once again weather or not I am still cancer free.  Sounds dramatic I know, I am sure I am fine!!!  Still, any chance I get to celebrate.....   I feel wonderful.  Especially now that I am on this diet.  The most interesting part will be what this diet done blood test wise.  Has my cholesterol gone up?  We shall see.

Monday, September 17th
Fried Pork Chops, Steamed Broccoli,
made Paleo by replacing sugar and corn starch.

Tuesday, September 18th (My Birthday & Soccer)
Not sure what I should have for dinner, but I do know that I want My Favorite Cheesecake Recipe for Dessert.  Since I most likely will be making dinner on my birthday, I wanted it easy yet nice enough for a birthday dinner.  

Wednesday, September 29th (Church Program)

Thursday, September 20th (Physical in town, out all day)
Actually I made my mothers version roasted in the oven, but it is very similar to this recipe.  I shredded it up and bagged it.  So before we head out into town I'll toss in this BBQ sauce with the shreadded pork.

Friday, September 21st
Grilled Steak, Butter Nut Squash Puree, Sauteed Spinach

Spaghetti Squash with Bolognese Meat Sauce

Buffalo Chicken Wings

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