Menu Plan Monday: Week of August 6th, 2012

I broke two fingers on my right hand so its taking me forever to type this up!  Ok so I am trying out my new food budget starting today.  I stopped at Kroger and picked up the two sets of the 5 for $19.99 meats.  I was originally was going to stick with one set but my brother is in town and I needed to accommodate for him,  I still managed to stay within my budget but mostly because I buy in bulk items needed for my sons lunches.  Cereals I stocked up on last time Kroger included Chex Cereals in their MEGA event.  I had a hand full of $1 off coupons making them $.79 a box!  Kroger sent me Customer Appreciation coupons for free Eggs so that timing was right!

I purchased three 2-packs of bacon wrapped Filet Minion (yup, they were included), two 4 pack of hamburgers, pork chops, two 1.25 pound packs of ground meat, large pack of chicken legs, and a pack of ham steaks (looks to be four or more in there).  Frozen veggies are a dollar this week still so I spent another $10 in frozen veggies (cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, green beans, onion and pepper mix), eggs, butter and almond milk completes the purchase.

Still dieting.  Hubs lost a total of 44 1/2 pounds so far.  He continues to loose each week.  I am still plateaued at 10 pounds from my healthy BMI.  Still fighting the good fight and not using sugar or sugar like products very much at all. I still add my 2 tablespoons of honey to my baked goods.  Have you seen the 60 minutes yesterday titled, "Toxic Sugar?"  I included the link so you can watch it.  I thought that the doctor, talking about when legislation decided to promote cutting fat, was going to break out with a Paleo speech!  LOL....  Y'all know they cut that part out right? ;-)

Green Leaf Lettuce Tacos,  Our Favorite Meal!

Filet Minion, Sauteed Mushrooms and Spinach

Hamburgers topped with Lettuce, Tomato and Onion and served with Sweet Potato Fries

Buffalo Wing style Chicken Legs
Making buffalo wing sauce for the bigger style legs.

Ham Steaks, Cole Slaw, Broccoli

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