Menu Plan Monday: Week of July 30th, 2012

My hubby is officially thinner than he was when I first met him.  I wanted to clarify something from last weeks post.  My hubby is 23 pounds away from the weight he plans to be comfortable at.  This planned goal weight is a very nice stopping place for a large framed male such as himself.  For him, his healthy BMI is way to low for his body type.  He could probably get to that weight, but we are choosing not to. The thinnest teens I know his hight (6'3") are way too thin at that "healthy BMI weight". He will be thin enough at his goal weight, very thin in fact, it is only 20 pounds above the weight he was when he was dismissed from the army (which was still not as low as this suggested BMI weight).  Honestly that scale should account of bone size and body structure. LOL.

I on the other hand am just at tiny 5'3" tall and weight is cruel to small chicks like me.  LOL.  At my goal weight I may just look like a decent weight.  Tho now that I told you that I must confess, I have plateaued at only 10 pounds from my healthy BMI.  I need to research what to do when you plateau.  My hubby says he "heard" via podcasts that this is the time when I loose inches so I guess I need to get the tape measure out.  I have seen the re-emergence of a waist line (or hour glass figure) again!

We had a lovely play date last Thursday with two ladies who I just adore.  Honestly I have not enjoyed myself that much since I moved here. Usually I am the type to feel uncomfortable in my own skin but since it was at MY house I was able to relax and enjoy it immensely.  In conversations it was brought up that I do Once a Month Cooking (these underlined bits are links ~ for those of you who did not know that) and was interested in exploring OAM Cooking for herself.  I graciously offered to help, since you all know I LOVE to cook!!!  Now I want you to know that Once A Month Cooking Mom is the way to go when pursing this on your own.  But for those of you who are interested in how WE are going to go about this, I will blog along the way.  I don't always cook a month ahead, tho I do think it is a great idea.  Sometimes we just shop for food once a month, sometimes I will cook one meal with several nights in mind and freeze the rest.  Sometimes I use one meat type for several dishes like I did last week.  But if you are the sort that is always turning to fast food because of your limited time to prepare meals at night, you really should find a buddy and give OAM Cooking a try!

It is official, my son loves his school.  Our old public school is a great place to go but he says this new school makes learning fun.  They have the best teachers who are so motivated and full of energy!  We are so excited for him!!!

Fried Pork Chops, Cauliflower Rice and Spinach

Buffalo Chicken Nuggets, Celery Sticks, and Green Salad


New York Strip steak
Grilled Skirt Steak, Baked Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli

Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday & Sunday I am going to try a new coupon-less Money Saving Idea!   While this is not a new idea to some, it is for me.  Our local supermarkets have 5 for $19.95 section where you can choose from any selection of meats from the cooler.  The selections vary from week to week.  This weeks selections were pork chops, bacon wrapped filet minion, hamburgers, ground meat, chicken legs.  I am challenging myself to feed my family of four for under $60 a week for one month.  YIKES!  Can I do it?  Well its not going to be organic meat thats for sure but if you are on the paleo diet and can't afford the specialty meats, this experiment will help you understand that participating at the level you can afford will still enable you to loose weight!

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