Menu Plan Monday: Week of July 23rd, 2012

Well its another beautiful week here in the Mid South.  My son starts school on Monday and I guess I will miss him madly but I have play dates and big projects planned while he is gone!

I lost 13.5 pounds so far.  Hubby lost 40.5.  I have only 10 more pounds until I reach the upper limit of the BMI doctors suggest I be.  Hubby has 23 I believe.  Not bad for only dieting 11 weeks.  Hey once I reach my goal weight I can get a physical!!!! ;-).  Don't you just hate getting a physical and and the doctor tells you that you are obese!  LOL.. Yea so do I.  But I still encourage everyone to go ahead and get those physicals anyway.  Getting a physical is what found my cancer and saved my life.  SO go ahead and get your physical anyway!!!  I was just saying that to be silly!!!!  OK, that disclaimer out of the way...

It's funny but 13.5 pounds really don't make me look like I have been dieting. I just look slightly less swollen I guess.  ;-/ Feels like I SHOULD be massively thinner looking for all the work and weeks I put into it!!!  LOL.  I was wheat and corn free already so I guess the biggest difference was done when the kids and I first converted to a gluten free lifestyle.  I lost an easy 15-20 pounds back then and it stayed that way.  Actually with my GF bread recipes it felt pretty easy to do! This is hubby's first time being gluten free though!  Hubby on the other hand, with his 40.5 pounds gone in 11 weeks, looks like somebody else!  Everyone who sees him is absolutely shocked at what he has accomplished and most want to follow the diet too. I WISH we took a before picture!  Following this paleo diet really works!  Recipes like Elana's Banana Cake recipe and my ice cream recipe really really helps curb that sweet tooth!  Elana's banana bread is really a lifesaver I tell ya!!! Pure heaven and better than any other banana bread recipe I haver ever tried.  Almond Flour was born to make cakes I think!!!

I have had people in my life try this diet and wonder how we made it so far.  Three days in and they are ready to toss in the towel with wheat addiction withdrawal.  They are wheat free for the first time and starving.  So here is what I do.  I probably eat way too many eggs but two eggs scrambled up with a 1/2 cup of veggies is what I eat for breakfast every day!  Throw away that bread momma, just eat the eggs!  ;-). A bed of lettuce hosts whatever meat I decided to have for lunch.  Yesterdays for example was Green Goddess Avocado Chicken Salad and it was pretty awesome!  Just make an extra chicken breast next time you have a chicken dinner and you are all set.  If I go anywhere I pack a lunch.  I do not expect anybody to feed us properly.   A meat and two veggies make up our dinner.  Growing up I was taught that Protein, a carb and two veggies should make up your dinner plate.  I just ditched the carbs is all.  And last but not least we always try to have some sort of paleo snack like suggested above for those days you just need an extra bite.  In-between meals I usually stick with nuts.

We try very hard not to make this the all protein and not so healthy Atkins diet.  You CAN harm yourself with too much protein!  I like to explain it as a vegetarian diet minus the beans/sugar and add meat!  In my house its veggies first, fat second, meat third.  I also try and stay away from nightshades because I am riddled with Autoimmune. Autoimmune was the root of why I ever got sick with cancer in the first place.  I wish I could say Paleo fixed this for me but it was wheat/corn alone that brought my antibodies back to normal.  I know this is not the case for everyone tho I wish it were.  I suppose those two things alone where what was disturbing my body.  Maybe I also made changes I am not really aware of that helped, like living organically.  We are not starving we appear to eat hearty portions of regular food and definitely being gluten free already helped make this diet a raging success.  I was used to eating minus the wheat. easy peasy!!!

Summer School session hours are 8 to 2 and a packed lunch is still needed so I will follow up with a Lunch Box Experiment with what I packed.

Strip Steak Sauteed Mushrooms and Broccoli

Steak Strips Stir Fry.  I am making a bunch of steak Sunday, two dinners worth and some will even show up as a kids lunch. 

Green Leaf Lettuce Tacos stuffed with taco seasoned beef, tomatoes and avocado.  Our favorite meal made even better without the corn shells!!!  I can't fully explain it, but when we first could not have any sort of taco shells it made us sad.  We did not realize at the time that what we really LOVE in the taco was the lettuce anyway!  This combination was meant for each other!!


Paleo Stuffed Peppers.  I made Bolognese Meat Sauce for our spaghetti squash on friday and with the leftover meat sauce I tossed in the cauliflower ice and stuffed the peppers! Viola its two easy paleo dishes!  

I am supposed to have Paprika Roast, but mom asked me to make Spaghetti Squash every friday!  LOL.   So I guess it's spaghetti squash.  My son wants you all to know that serving it in the shell is a great idea!  LOL.  I tell my kids that this is how god intended spaghetti to be.  God's spaghetti. ;-)
Used my own sauce recipe minus the sugar.

I think Sour Cream is the "grey area" of Paleo so I'm using it.... ;-).
Served with a side of Sauteed Mushrooms.

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