Menu Plan Monday: Week of June 4th, 2012

The two new recipes I had listed on the plan last week both were so good.  The avocado boats had the men looking like they would starve to death but the insides, man alive, where they ever good.  I have to admit tho it was a lot of work to pull it all together.  As it was, I already had cooked cubed chicken from leftovers and fried bacon so it was a tad easier for me this time.  To make this recipe from scratch I think I would have to double this recipe to make it worth while.  Maybe serve on lettuce so folks do not look half starved when they look at their dish!  LOL. Love the cute little avocado shell idea, though, they don't like to stand up.

The Hungarian pot roast with paprika gravy started out smelling odd and looking unappetizing.  The end result had everyone licking their plate, no kidding!!! Even the kids liked it which really says something.  I sent a plate over to my mother's house and she said I really outdid myself!  LOL, don't you love it when somebody else's recipes make you look like a rock star?  I did make a few minor modifications, like some corn free gum thickener, which means I will probably have to blog the recipe eventually with my changes.

Another new thing I tried last week was an accidental purchase.  I sent my husband out for Spaghetti Squash not realizing he may not know what that looked like and he came home with Butternut Squash. Can you believe I never tried Butternut Squash before?  Yup, its true!  My vegetable diet has always been very "white bread",  you know... like broccoli, string beans, etc.  Same ole stuff over and over and never trying any of the new stuff.  Well since we had it I decided to make Pioneer Woman's Butternut Squash Puree. She makes a convincing argument anyway, you should read her entry.  So I tried it and now I have to agree with her.  Trying this puree makes two new purees since I started this Paleo diet (lost 6 pounds already), Cauliflower puree and Butternut Squash puree, to replace my old "white bread" mashed potatoes.  You know I love Mashed Potatoes so I am trying to make them sound unappealing to convince myself I should not cheat and eat them! LOL.  White bread is my new catch phrase this week because eating the Paleo way has really added lots of COLOR to my life, literally!  Eating my rainbow!

I know I have been a major slacker of the gardening journal entries on my blog this summer.  Its pretty bad of me considering I need to journal our gardening adventures for our own sake.  Rest assumed, our garden is alive and thriving this year with minimal bug problems.  My husband has been dusting with powdered BT to keep the caterpillars at bay and we planted no zucchini (sob) to give a rest from those pesky zucchini bugs.  Last year they were just so bad.  So who do I go into this whole speal about gardening? To tell you that I have two HUGE cabbages to use up so I might just have to put it on the menu every day for FOUR days to use those monster cabbages up.

Okay, enough chatter!  Here is the line up:

Fried Dijon Crusted Pork Chops, Sauteed Cabbage and String Beans
No real recipe here, tho I may blog it later.  I am going to paint some Horseradish mustard (my favorite) onto the chops and coat them with almond flour and pan fry.  String Beans are Rosedale Diet approved but not Paleo.  Not entirely sure why Rosedale says they are okay, but I most definitely feel like Rosedale is a harder diet to follow.  Either way, I have to use them up since I had them pre-diet.

Photo Credit: Food Lovers Kitchen
Chicken and Vegetable Lo Mein
This recipe uses Cabbage cut into long strands for the noodles.  I happen to have all the ingredients so I figured I would give it a try.  I would like to add bean sprouts because I love them and because I am sure they would do a great job looking like mock noodles!  Not sure if they are Paleo diet approved tho, I'm still to new.

This is my Chop Suey Picture, but
lack of an actual picture forces me to put in this replacement!
Sausage and Cabbage noodles with Fried Apples
This looks to be basically the Veggie Lo Mein dish with Ground Sausage and minus the extra veggies. Her description of how their bellies were full and the kids love it convinced me that I must try this recipe.  Lots of positive comments underneath too.  Love new and creative ways to use my cabbage!!!

Roasted Chicken Breasts, Sauteed Cabbage, Roasted Asparagus
I never made the cauliflower rice last week with the burgers, I got too lazy and served sliced tomato and onions drizzled with EVOO instead.

Hamburger Sliders, Garlic Sauteed Spinach, fried Mushrooms.
I am calling them sliders because serving bun-less hamburgers sounds just plan old boring! ;-)  Nothing boring about the flavor though.

Fried Boneless (skin on) Chicken Thighs, Roasted Broccoli drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

A rework of an old favorite.  This time I am using the larger chicken legs and frying them like like I would buffalo wings.  Next they get tossed in that red sauce we love enough to slurp off our plate.  I'll serve these with a hearty portion of celery and try and find a paleo friendly sauce to accompany to replace the Ranch Dressing.  Any ideas for said sauce?

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