Menu Plan Monday: Week of June 18th 2012

I was at cub scout camp all last week.  There was a new director this year and she did an incredible job.  In my humble opinion, it was the best year yet.  My son is just entering Webelo's 1 and he already earned 5 pins and re-earned lots of the loops that are required as a Webelo's.  His goal is to be a Super Achiever and is well on his way now thanks to camp.  My daughter even went with us, the gracious director allowed her to be a Tiger in the Tiger cub den, man was she excited!!!   We got lots of exercise and had a blast.  Being Paleo and allergic to wheat while at camp was quite a challenge but nuts, fresh baked meat sliced in my lunchmeat slicer and fresh fruit and vegetables saved the day.  At first I thought we would starve to death. I still have my old eating mindset with me where all that physical activity would mean I needed more food.  That was really not true, I could go a long time on a protein and veggie breakfast and a hand full of almonds mid morning. My kids and I ate a plate of sauteed eggs and veggies for breakfast (equal portions of egg/veggie) before we headed out for camp at 5 am.  I packed a banana for the kids to eat before they started their day at camp at 8:30 ~9.  I was good without the banana and we all kept nicely for the day until lunch time.  I find that the longer we do without grains, sugar, legumes, beans etc. the less hungry we get.

I believe I started the ketosis process just a few days ago and I'll save you the tell tale sign since this is a FOOD blog... LOL!  So far I lost 8 pounds.  You know what???  I was totally happy at the bigger weight and that is the HONEST truth.  This whole diet idea was my husbands for himself.  If I am not good at anything else, diets I can do well so I only got on board to support him.  He lost 18 pounds so far and let me tell you his clothes are starting to look ridiculously large on him!  LOL.  He says he likes his clothes big since he spent way too much tine with his clothes too tight.  I guess we all could relate to that at one point or another.  As for me, I'm pulling out my packed away never to be fit into again shorts this summer! ;-)

Remember those excess harvested cucumbers from two weeks ago? I turned them into pickles end of week before last.  I will blog the recipe I used this week.  Here is one of three giant jars of pickles.  I packed 5 regular sized cucumbers into each jar.

Pickles are a great Paleo Snack

Grilled London Broil, Cauliflower Puree, Broccoli

While I am at Church I will have a loaf of Udi's White Bread Copycat Recipe for Bread Machine.  When the kids get home I will serve them sandwiches.  Adults will not eat bread so salad for us.

Spaghetti Squash with Bolognese Meat Sauce, Green Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. This picture is gluten free spaghetti, but you get what I mean right? Minus the bread for adults. Kids will be served Cheese biscuits with their dinner.  I made the cheese biscuits up ahead and freeze them.


Roasted Chicken Thighs, Butternut Squash Puree, Sauteed Cabbage
I that last cabbage to get out of the garden this week so two more days
of free vegetable sides for us.  I don't know about my hubs but I have been
loving the cabbages this year.  Sure will miss then when they are gone!

Leftover London Broil and Cabbage Stir fry
Instead of Leftover Buffet as featured on most blogs I love to pull my leftovers
together to make a stir fry.  I really love the taste of cabbage in these sort
of dishes.

Turkey Burgers topped with Lettuce, tomato, Sweet Onion and Pickles and 
Sweet Potato Fries.

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