Gardening Journal: Week of June 20th, 2011 hubby should type up these Gardening Journals, he is the Organic Gardening guru at our house.  He does all the work and I take all the credit!!!  ;-).  The planting season in our 'neck of the woods" starts in February but our garden went in sometime in March.

What is the best thing to make with your new Purple Potato Harvest?

Pretty Purple Potato French Fries of course!  I sound like Spongebob with his Pretty Patty's you say?  These potatoes will not dye your tongue or anything else purple!!! ;-).  In fact, according to an article over at Rodale, these potatoes have more than just good looks.  These pretty potatoes are chuck full of "disease smashing antioxidants".  In the article written by Leah Zerbe over at Rodale, "Researchers found that people who eat pigmented potatoes boast lower levels of oxidative stress and inflammation, factors linked to chronic disease, when compared to eaters of white potatoes."  So there you have it, if you grow potatoes, you should consider the pigmented variety!  My son assures you that if you cook the french fries the Alton Brown way, they will taste just like McDonalds French Fries without the junk.  I'm so proud of my kids for knowing this stuff at such a young age!!!

Here is our latest harvest.  I added a few onions but they are really not quite ready yet.  I am trying to use a harvest photo to replace the one that is a "canned" photo through blogger that I currently use.  What do you think of this one?  Can I lighten it up and try and use this?

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