Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Nuggets Review

Am I the only person left on the web who did not realize these Chicken Breast Chunks were Gluten Free?  I even called Tyson and confirmed.

I never really would have even considered to look for such a product since it is much cheaper to just buy the chicken on sale when its $.98 cents a pound and fry them up myself.  That was until a series events changed my time availability. I went back to college  and my daughter was diagnosed. As a result we needed to be lunch packers every day and went to the old reliable gluten free chicken nuggets which used mostly corn products as a breading. My son's mild corn allergy, which he was diagnosed with as an infant and outgrew, seemed to have returned as an intolerance once we went gluten free.  So the quick and convenient breaded chicken nuggets for lunches had to go.

As a side note, it does have modified food starch in this product which turns out to be a corn product.  And gosh I hate the word modified in ANY of my foods!  Seriously I do.  But they do taste good and most definitely are Gluten Free!  As for my son, the food starch content says 2% or less so we are giving it a try to see if he is able to tolerate this product.  It is not like I intend to feed him these every day.  My plan is to keep them for a quick emergency meal.

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