Menu Plan Monday: Week of May 7th, 2012

Is it May already?  Wow, I am still not used to putting in 2012 from the change of the year.  LOL, crazy!  It is finals week for me but I am still hanging in there.  I am really ready to come back and make this menu planning thing stick.  I am so lost without it.  The problem is, without the plan I really don't know what to make!!! LOL.  My meal plans have sort of been pushed back too.  What I mean is, I am shopping Thursday and eating thursday/ friday/ saturday/ sunday/ monday what I purchased.

Two things have changed with our eating style.  #1 we are now also totally corn free.  #2 we are exploring salt free.  My brother has been put on a 2 gram salt diet and I have been trying to help him explore his eating options.  Since I am basically making everything from scratch anyway, what I end up doing is selecting low salt whole foods and not adding the additional salt.  Mrs. Dash is an excellent replacement for salt.  It is really good stuff.

Quick pizza's made out of Udi's Pizza Crusts.  One pizza crust per person.  
I used my home made pizza sauce though!

Lunch: Grilled White Turkey Dogs on Udi's Hotdog Rolls
Dinner: Blue and Gold Banquet, I'm bringing Green Salad, Deviled Eggs 
and Home Made Boston Baked Beans (recipe to follow)

Lunch: Cinco De Mayo Celebration at Church for Lunch, I'm bringing Santa Fe Rice and Beans
Dinner: Spaghetti, meatballs, garlic dinner rolls

Turkey Burgers, home made Rolls, Oven Fries, Coconut Cream Pie

Grilled Pork Loin Chops seasoned with Mrs. Dash steak seasoning


My kids F~A~V~O~R~I~T~E!

Quick Pizza's again!
Try my Crust and Sauce recipes!!!


Sweet and Sour Chicken served over white rice

Spaghetti Dinner, home made sauce

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