Menu Plan Monday: Week of May 21st, 2012

My husband came home from work early last week and announced that he now wants to follow a new diet plan very similar to the Paleo Diet.  The Paleo diet (in my mind) is like the gluten free diet only you simply do not try and replace the bread. My usual response is, "we do not really eat much of the gluten free replacements".  My husband said that from his point of view we have done an excellent job at replacing what we missed eating gluten. I suppose we just don't realize how many carbs we eat now.  Maybe he is right!!

I am always up for a diet challenge.  Dieting for whatever reason has always been something I can do really well.  So lately I have been trying to research "Paleo".  My hubby says to be careful because some sources are not reliable.  If you happen upon my blog and know a good reliable source I'd love for you to share it with me.  Right now my favorite site is She is a former pastry chef, food blogger and designer.  Love her ideas and how wonderful her dishes end up looking.  Her recipes look too good to be Paleo.

For now our plan is to make a large bowl of green salad which will be the basis of all things and a big bowl of Paleo appropriate fruit salad. In the mean time, its meat and veggies until I get this all figured out. My husband lost 7 pounds in just one week so he must be onto something.  Who could not spare an extra 10?!?!  Well maybe some of my Celiac friends but not many.  My daughter when we first diagnosed her was pretty boney but the closer she gets to good health the plumper she looks.  NOT that I think she needs a diet, just making a point that good health has some curves.  In my opinion anyway.


Herbed Grilled Pork Chops (Seasoned with Mrs. Dash Steak) and Steamed Broccoli

Salisbury Steaks (minus the oats and thickeners for the gravy)

(altons's recipe using olive oil), steamed Green Beans

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
TBD, tho probably going to do Ribs on the Grill for Saturday BBQ

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