Menu Plan Monday: Week of January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!  I am not one big on New Year's Resolutions that I have no intentions of keeping up with.  I have a list of things I would like to prusue that is more appropriate for me.  I would like to improve my kindness towards others in the new year.  I would like to practice understand and improve my listening skills in the new Year.  I would like to practice Humility.  I would like to treat others with a calm and gentle attitude (no anger).  Banish the tendency we all have for judging others.  I ask every year for one thing, my continuted good health.

Cheeseburgers on Fresh Baked Rolls.  We are on our way to the WWE Raw Supershow. 
It's going to be a long night, no sense taking the trip hungry!

I was using Soy Flour because of the nutrition aspects of it
but my husband says it has a funny aftertaste, so this time I'll use
a different blend.

Beef Stew with Dumplings. 
Everything is better with Dumplings.  My mother used to put them in
our Beef Stew so I am going to copy my mohter's recipe. 
Recipe to follow.

Spaghetti, Dinner Rolls, Salad
Tinyada Pasta, Home Made Rolls

Pizza on Home Made Crust and Pizza Sauce

Saturday & Sunday (TBD)

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