Menu Plan Monday: Week of December 19th, 2011

I never did make the Chicken and Dumplings or Pizza or Friday last week.  We ended up eating out those days.  Saturday we had White Chicken Chili with that chicken earmarked for Chicken and Dumplings instead. 

I can hardly beleive that the children are already out for the rest of the year and I have no clue what crafty type things we will do to keep them busy each day.  If you are reading this, I would love to hear your ideas.  Monday I volunteered to make Gingerbread Men Cookies for our Cub Scout Pack Party so that will keep us busy on Monday. 

We have already been busy making mini gingerbread cookies for movie day at School last week.  They usually hand out cookies and well last year my daughter "accidently" ate one.  This year I wanted to control what cookie was served by sending in the adorable little mini men.  I used a batch of dough I had in the freezer so that made it quick and easy to do as well.  Next was the party and instead of just sending in what my children will eat I make sure there is enough to share.  I sent in Butter Cookies and mini chocolate cupcakes. This lazy girls tip is make your butter cookie recipe thick enough to put in the cookie press! ;-)  The resulting recipe was a home run hit!  The kids in my daughter's class said it was the best cookie they ever ate!  Recipe to follow this week. 

Meatloaf, Idahoen Mashed Potatoes and Quick Brown Gravy

Crock Pot Ham, Tinkyada Elbow Macaroni and Cheese

Kielbasa & Sourkraut on Udi's Rolls
Served with Baked Beans and Cole Slaw:

Pizza on home made crust, pizza sauce and Cheese

Dinner Out

Saturday (Christmas Eve Dinner):
We are baking a whole Ham served with Pineapple Gravy,
Au Gratin Potatoes (recipe to follow), Sweet Baby Carrots, & Buttermilk Biscuits
Some sort of Pie.  Coconut Creme?  Lemon Merangue?

Sunday (Christmas Day Dinner):
Buttered Corn & Cranberry Sauce,
Pumpkin Pie for Dessert

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