Menu Plan Monday: Monday, December 5th, 2011

Please forgive my lateness.  I have a plan, it was just never typed up.  I have finals this week and next so my face is deeply planted into my books.  Once this final exam gig is up, I am free to celebrate Christmas until the new year!

I did manage to get some baking done early Sunday morning.  I baked a loaf of my Udi's copycat bread, a batch of rolls, and fed chili cheese nachos for a crowd.  I made the mistake of putting some of the Jalapeno's that I had preserved on mine.  WOWWIE was that hot.  Those buggers are hotter than store bought for sure!

I never served this last week so it was made last night
White Rice, Broccoli
Rice Pudding for Dessert

Tinkyada Spaghetti, Meatballs,
Prego three cheese spaghetti sauceand 
Garlic Bread using my Cheese Rolls Recipe

Nacho's with chili and cheese at Church, 
Kielbasa for the men

Going to figure something out with that leftover Ham

Pizza made using my home made crust recipe



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