Menu Plan Monday: Week of December 26, 2011

I toyed with not posting my plan this week. All of us are home this week, even the hubs which is nice.  I feel like the baking fool with having to make so many meals from scratch...LOL.  So busy.  My classes do not start back until January 9th tho so I do have some extra time.  The boys are going to the Wresteling match this coming Monday and they are very excited!


Hot turkey Sandwiches, leftover mashed potatoes and corn.  I baked up some fresh Honey & oat bread.  Basically cut my Udi's copycat recipe plus another batch cut half and added it to a full batch.  Used honey instead of sugar and added pureed oats processed into a rough flour for the half batch.  The kids LOVED it!  My brother has high cholesterol so he liked the idea of oats. 

Turkey and Dumplings.  Currently I am boiling that huge turkey carcas.  I split it in half and have one half in one pot, another half in another pot for tomorrow's dinner.

Turkey Pie Pie.  Are we sick of turkey already?  You bet your sweet bippy we are....LOL.  But my kids love these two dishes and will eat then whenever.  When they say, "Whats for dinner that is not turkey or ham," and I saiy Turkey Pot Pie they are ok with that.

Pub Style Ham and Cabbage.  Using that extra ham and bone from Christmas Eve to whip this up.

Friday (30th):
Last day to vote for my cookie!  Could you please click here and vote for me so I can keep providing gluten free goodies for my daughter. I could really use the prize right now. 
Dinner To Be Determined! 

Saturday (New Years Eve):
Steak and Seafood Buffet. 

Roast pork is a New Years Day tradition at my house. 

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