Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Recipes

It is Christmas Week.  This is the week we take the time to bake our cookies.  Christmas Eve we will deliver some to unsuspecting neighbors! Choosing what cookies to bake is so difficult though.  There are so many wonderful gluten free cookie recipes out there.  Just check out Gluten-Free Cookie Swap on Facebook and see for yourself.  Currently my Pink Shortbread cookie is in the lead, but not beucase it is the best receipe on that page.  Not by a long stretch.  I simply have the very best friends ever who took it upon themselves to help me win this contest.  I have had some tough times this year, nothing I can't handle of course, but I could really use the prize and these girls knew that.  Thank you ladies, you know who you are!!!  Could you click on that link and

In case you are looking for cookie recipe inspiration, here is my cookie recipe line up. The first few cookies I have shared previously.  The bottom few I will be posting each day as I make them.
A Child's Favorite

Could you help me make sure I win? 
Click cookie and like.  I sure could use the prize for
my baby girl.

(made gluten free from this original recipe)

Go ahead, make them Grinch cookies by adding green
food coloring and mint extract!!!  ;-)
Check out this blog for inspiration.

Make them up and take them to your holiday party
with some spray cans of frosting.

Declaired the "Best Cookie Ever" by my daughter's
First Grade Class

This is an old world style cookie,
and may be an adults only favorite,
but it reminds me of Grandmom!

Peanutbutter Blossom Cookies

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