What I am Reading: The Hour that Matters Most

What I am Reading: The Hour that Matters Most

What is this mysterious hour I speak of?  Why dinner of course.  I am all about family dinners.  Maybe the fact that I blog food may lead you to understand that this topic may be important to me.  The truth is, we have very little time to sit as a family for dinner.  I feed my children dinner right after school at 4pm.  My children and I sit and eat together but my husband does not come home from work until 6 ~ 6:30 pm.  Remember those days when Daddies always came home in time for dinner?  No?  Well I do, I am older than you perhaps.  I am in my 40’s and old enough to recall a day when children went outside to play after school while mommy made dinner. Daddy arrived home just in time for everyone to sit and eat together.  Children play outside by themselves?  What planet am I from?!?!?!?!  LOL.  I digress.

When this book, The Hour that Matters Most, came across my path and I knew I had to look it over.  I guess you can say it “spoke” to me.  The very first thing I read was the inside page just beyond the Table of Contents.  It was titled, “A note from Tina and Stephanie”.  In this note it explains that Tina was diagnosed with cancer just after the book was wrapped up.  They explain how this diagnoses only locks in their purpose.  Have a “meal” together with your family every day. Take time to connect with your family because you never know when life is going to change.  As a cancer survivor myself I know all too well what exactly they mean here.  Sadly most of us will never fully understand this until something earth shattering happens to them.  Don’t be one of those folks that have to make a mistake to learn from it like I was.  I was once a career driven, kids in daycare 12 hours a day sort of mom.  Dinner was on the run and quality time was only on weekends between errands.  I emerged from my illness knowing one thing as true.  My family and my children were extremely important to me and I was not giving them nearly enough of my precious time. 

This book was wonderfully laced with stories, how-to information and recipes to inspire you and start you off on your own journey.  My final say is that this book is a delightfully enlightening read.  The book is designed to help you strengthen your family relationship…..around the dinner table perhaps.

If you are interested, the book is available from Amazon for about $15.99.

Disclaimer: I am in no way benefiting from this review or this book in any way.  

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