Menu Plan Monday: Week of October 31st, 2011

I started out my week aggressively trying out new recipes from gluten free bloggers across the web.  We had Chicken Croquettes, Favorite Chicken Breasts and Chinese Egg Rolls.  I mastered a method for making Mummy hotdogs.  I even converted one of my favorite bloggers Molasses Cookies into a gluten free recipe.  As far as the kids opinion goes, they both declared that the cookies and the mummy hot dogs were too good to be true.  I personally appreciated the gluten free egg rolls.  As long as I fried the properly, they were crunchy and awesome!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

It is Halloween today.  A quick dinner is needed.  I made up these Mummy Hot Dogs already all that is needed is the face.  Maybe I will make a pizza to go along with this.  Mummy pizza?  Pumpkin shaped?

Happy Birthday to my wonderful little boy.  He turns 9 today.
I am not sure what he will want that is special 
(probably chicken and dumplings, in which case I will need a rotisserie chicken) 
but for now Hamburgers is on the menu.
I already made the home made buns.

Photo Credit: Betty Crocker, photo is linked to her recipe.
Church is serving BBQ Nachos, yum!

In honor of all that snow my mom had this weekend!
I am going to have to make my son's birthday cake and cupcakes today.

My son's Birthday Party.
I am serving Hotdogs, Nacho's with Rotel Dip, Soda and Cake

Creamy Kielbasa vegetable soup in the Crock Pot 
(recipe to follow this week, it is a sure fire winner)

Spaghetti and Sausage
We love Spaghetti on Sundays, it reminds me of when we were little
My little Italian mother would cook the sauce all day.

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