Menu Plan Monday: Week of October 24th, 2011

Gluten Free Blogger Appreciation Week

Last week Gluten Free Menu Swap's theme was something new.  I totally missed the boat on that feature but would still love the opportunity to participate and feature some of my favorite Gluten Free Bloggers and their recipes. As my mother always said, "better late than never".  This week I am combining the "Spooky Delights" theme for this week together with last weeks "Something New".

It was an extremely busy weekend but I still managed to make most of these recipes ahead of time so the dinners will be easy to make.  Diane's Croquettes...check, Linda's Favorite Chicken marinading...check, pie crust for mummy hotdogs...check, Heather's egg roll filling...check, dumplings...check, chocolate cake for Halloween Party this week....check.  Yep, looks like I'm ready for a busy week at school without missing a beat at home.

Photo courtesy of Diane of The Whole Gang
Philadelphia Dining Car's Chicken Croquette Recipe
Made Gluten Free by Diane of The Whole Gang

Photo courtesy of Linda of Gluten Free Homemaker
Gluten Free Homemaker's Favorite Chicken Breasts.

Wednesday (church dinner):
Photo Credit: Pillsbury
Mummy Wrapped Hot Dogs and Worms and Dirt
I am going to use a savory pie crust recipe and slice into strips.
I am also crumbling some chocolate cake to make the worms and dirt.

Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

Photo courtesy of Heather from Celiac Family
Gluten Free Chinese Dinner
Fried Rice, Dumplings and Egg Rolls
I am using Heather's recipe over at Celiac Family for 
the Gluten Free Egg Rolls

Head on over to Celiac Family's Gluten Free Menu Swap for more inspiration on Gluten Free Menu's.
Or OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday for a wide range of Menu Planning ideas.

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