Gluten Free Mummy Hot Dogs

Pillsbury's Version
Don't these look fun?  I saw this idea on and knew immediately that my kids would love them.  But we are gluten free and do not have access to convenient bread in a can.  Does that mean we should miss out on all the fun?  Heck no!  I knew I had to figure out a way to make these safe for my family to eat.  I tried a variety of different methods to accomplish this task.  As you may recall from my Menu Plan post this week, I was going to try Pie Crust. I did that earlier this week.  I got this idea from reading another blog who's name escapes me now (sorry).  The pie crust idea was not a great one.  The whole concept of a pie crust is flaky with very little gum to hold it together. It fell apart way to easy and the texture was wrong.  But that is how we learn, right? Though experiment.  What I ended up doing is make long thin strips of yeasted bread dough and doing a quick bake without a rise.

my own Gluten Free Version - Before Baking

Don't be perfect in rolling the bread strip up. The messier the better.  Just grab a package of hotdogs.  Make one batch of Gluten Free Rolls (click here for recipe).

We are going to oil our hands and roll that batter up into thin strips.  Wrap each strip around the hotdog Mummy Style.  I won't lie to you, its very difficult to roll out the very sticky nature of Gluten Free Bread.  I just used my fingers to stretch and connect what I could. No need to be exact, a rough looks makes the mummy look more realistic.  Do leave space between the bread strips for expansion during baking.    

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes until bread dough is light brown and hot dogs are heated through.

Serve to you Gluten Free kids and soak in the praises.  Relish in the idea of being a Rock Star Mommy!!!

My son wanted to know how this breading tasted better than the usual rolls I make.  Such a funny comment considering its the same roll recipe I use every week.  I am so excited that they loved it.  In fact, they want me to make them again tomorrow.

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