Menu Plan Monday: Week of August 15, 2011

Have you seen my back to school gluten free lunch ideas post yet?

Well the kids were put on the school bus.........I'm going to miss those little buggers.  We had such a fun summer but they were still super excited to get on that bus.  I'd like for that enthusiasm to go all year long!  Both children are extremely happy with the teachers they ended up with but truth be told, all the teachers at our TINY school are great (and no, they don't read my blog ~ LOL)!!!

The kids pack their own lunch was a RAGING success.  The excitement they showed grabbing their lunch bags to pack up was a site to see.  My son grabbed his Planet Lunch Box.  He just loves how this lunch box opens to look like a tray.  In his compartments he packed Grapes, carrots, fruit roll up and the biggest compartment he squished in his spicy nacho Doritos.  The main event of course was his nacho Lunchables and water to drink.  I still highly recommend this lunch box, the bag held up GREAT.  In fact it is still good as new.  My daughter (the littlest Celiac) is using her Easy Lunch Box (yup its still holding up). She copied her big brother and also packed a nacho Lunchable, carrots, grapes and Funyons.  I also included in her lunch box extra cheese dip and ranch dip for the carrots.  Her bag washes well and still looks new all except for the bit of fray that is around the grommet.  

I did not make my dinners ahead this week like last week with exception for the Cheese Enchiladas.  Those I made up last week.  Instead I choose dinners easier to make in their entirety.  Onto dinner shall we?

BBQ Country Style Pork Ribs, Wild Rice 


Church Dinner's start back up again!

Enchiladas, Refried Beans, Mexican Rice


Aromatic Veggie Fried Rice
I'd like to attempt a GF Egg Roll too!


For other great dinner ideas visit OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday linky roundup.

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