Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

Do you need gluten free lunch ideas?

If you are a working person and really don't have time to make every-thing from scratch then this is the post for you.  I have been a little bit panicky this year about lunch for my two gluten free children.  Why, because I too am going back to school.  I seriously needed to start putting some thought into streamlining my morning routine.  What I have decided is that every lunch that the kids and I discussed and agreed upon will be made up or packed up a ahead of time and stored in bulk.

Also changed this kids will be in charge of packing their own lunch out of my made ahead options.  I will have around at all times the following items and they are free to select one fruit, one veggie, one pantry/carb item and one entree.  I of course will be there to supervise but I wanted them to be more involved in their packing.  This list below is not complete, it is only a start.

As a side note: I pre packaged up the snacks in snack sized baggies and used 2 ounce containers to fill the sauces, dips and cheese (etc). 

Made Pizza Bagel's using Udi's Bagels

Corn Dogs made with my handy dandy Corn Dog Maker.  
Use either my copycat Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix or your favorite 
pancake batter works nicely too.
(This is not an affiliate link, State laws prohibit Amazon 
Affiliate program participation where I live.)

Cheese Sticks and snack baggies full of Celery, Carrots,
 Grapes and eventually Strawberries, Oranges and Apples.
2 oz. cups of ranch, caramel & chocolate sauce will be available too.
Apples will be sliced and soaked in Pineapple Juice to prevent browning.

Pamela's Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies and Extreme Chocolate Cookies
Mi-Del Pecan Cookies on the other side (my daughter's favorite)
Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels (with Fritos Mild Cheddar Dip)

This little Nachos Lunchable is Gluten Free

Can you believe that this item above 
and Amy's Rice Mac & Cheese 
are my kid's favorite?  

Ore-Ida French Fries that can be quickly cooked in the microwave.
probably will send in a hamburger with this.

And last buy not least, my kids favorite
Chicken Nuggets

Other Options not pictured
Sandwiches (cheese and meat on frozen bread and placed back in the freezer)
Bagel's and Cream Cheese
Salad with Lunchmeat Roll-ups sliced and placed on top
Extra saucy Macaroni and Cheese (which I did make up and freeze but not photographed)

Other Snacks include:
Fruit Snacks
EnviroKids Cereal Bars

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