Gardening Journal: August 9th, 2011

I know I mentioned this before but we are officially getting ready to directly plant some seeds in our garden for the fall.  On the list is sugar snap peas, spinach, turnips, radish, red beets, and broccoli.  I need varieties that are bug resistant because I'm so fed up with bugs this year.  Despite the valiant effort of my hubby they bugs got the best of those squash plants are have now moved onto the tomato plants. I was speaking to a local master gardener and he told me to move the location of our garden.  Umm, can't do that.  LOL.  I am almost wondering if all these issues mean giving gardening a break.

This is what I did with all those Jalapenos.  
There is another harvest ready to be picked.  

This extremely large watermelon makes me happy
in the midst of all our other problems.
It was not as red as some store bought watermelons 
but every bit as sweet.

And the two yellow squash that lived despite the constant attack

The Sweet Potatoes are looking great.

Vine Borer's got the Zucchini and the plant is not totally gone

And so they (squash bugs) moved onto the tomatoes.  
Can you find it on that tomato?

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