Gardening Journal: Week of July 26th, 2011

As a refresher, this is what they looked like last time I spoke to you.

This is what the Zucchini/Squash plants look like now.
Still no fruit.  :-(  I was told its too hot to pollinate.

One of the original plants we put in the ground.  See how small.
A lesson in good composted soil.

Not quite the barrel full we had last year, but still fun.

Poor little Cilantro.  
I waited so long to get a good plant in 
only for the squash to hog up all the space.

Sweet Potatoes are now planted in the potato bed.
Last year tomatoes were in this bed which is probably why 
our Yukon Golds did not grow so much.  
We'll see how this goes.

Peppers have been invaded by horned tomato worm.  
Odd they have not touched the tomatoes.  
Still lots of peppers on there tho.

These Jalapenos are growing after we harvested a HUGE bowl full
just two days earlier.  This is the year of the pepper.

Messy overgrown tomato plants
Next year I'd like to keep it two plants per bed.
and a climbing fence like the climbing vine bed.

So neat how long they hold on considering their weight.

Crop Dusting victimizing our Cucumbers

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