Gardening Journal: June 7th, 2011

We harvested a few more onions this week.  I may have to putt them all before we go on vacation though.  

So exciting to go out to the garden and pluck what you want to eat for that day. This week we managed to eat a vegetable every day from our garden.  We had Green salad, Sauteed Cabbage, Cole Slaw, and Mashed turnips. I do not expect this to happen every week, well maybe we will have zucchini every day....LOL.  

There are some empty spots that the harvest left behind so we have a little nursery tray started to fill in those spots.  I am rather surprised at how things regenerate themselves.  The broccoli is starting to grow back already as well as the cabbage.  I had no idea they would grow back let alone so fast.  LOL.

 We finished putting the landscaping cloth around the raised beds
so we won't have to deal with the weeds.  All that is left to do is a 
brick edger and we will be finished.

Picked fresh Broccoli to accompany our Meatloaf dinner last week.

and that plant is already sending out new ones.

Behold, the first of many, many zucchini.

First Watermelon

Whoo Hoo, a bell pepper.  Yay!

And finally, that onion comparison I promised.  
Is a hand good enough to compare its size?

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