Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gardening Journal: June 28th, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly edition.

I have been away from my garden for two weeks.  My brother offered to do some maintenance for us while we were gone.  He harvested the potatoes and the onions and put them to up to store.  Even with a visitor taking care of our garden, there was still an incredible loss.

The Bad

First the bad news.  ALL of my yellow squash and zucchini plants died.  :-(
They look as if they simply were not watered.  
Also lost but not pictured was a cucumber vine and all of our Snap Pea bushes.   ;-(
If you look at the picture above, you will see the one and only zucchini 
that grew but never made it.
I suppose I was arrogant to think that I would be enjoying zucchini in abundance this year.
The broccoli was also not maintained and ended up bolting. 
This is only our second year gardening so next year, a watering timer is in order.

The Good

and a bit of the good news....
I for one was surprised to see a bell pepper harvested.

There were tons of onions, it was a good year for onions

We were not quite so happy with the potato harvest.
We yielded much more last year when we just plopped the plants
in the hard un-tilled ground.
Maybe potatoes do not like to be babied with that rich awesome soil
we have in the raised beds?

My hubs told me that the mellons would hang off the back
and drop when ripe, but I just thought that would be way too heavy.  
Can't possibly be true.
Well lookey here!

More Bell Peppers, leaving these on till they red this time.

Honey Dew Mellons

I returned home to TONS of Jalapeno's.  
I suppose I will have to learn how to put these up.

Tomatoes are getting red.  
If I time this right, I can get tons of salsa made and put up.

The Ugly...

My brother tells me that a bunny family tried to move in under the pepper plants.  Our two cats and the dog each took turns killing them off until they were all gone.  My brother tells me that it was an awful mess and was so sad about it.  I don't know how to think.  It just feels like they should have sensed that it was dangerous in our yard.

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Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Breakfast Muffins

These are the muffins we left out on vacation with.  I had originally planned on Blueberry but forgot to purchase the berries.  My goal with this particular muffins was to have them taste like a peanut butter cup in a muffin form so the kids would like them while adding lots of protein and fiber so the adults would be happy with them too.  Eat one or two for breakfast and they will keep your tummy full and happy until your next meal for sure.

I was happy to see them keep well without refrigeration (our plug in cooler is on its last leg) and we were able to enjoy them for three mornings straight.  This is always a good thing with Gluten Free. I used Sparkpeople and plugged the ingredients in and was pleasantly surprised with the stats. They boast a whopping 7 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per muffin.

Yield: 12 large muffins
1 cup Tapioca Starch
3/4 cup Brown Rice Flour
1/4 cup Potato Starch
1/2 teaspoon Xanthan Gum
1 cup Sugar
1 Tablespoon Bakin Powder
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Flax Meal
1 cup Mashed Banana (2 medium)
1/3 cup Almond Milk
6 heaping Tablespoons of Peanut Butter (or sun nut butter)
3 Tablespoons Olive Oil
3 Eggs
1 cup Mini Chocolate Chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Greece or paper line muffin tins.

  • Combine Tapioca Starch, Brown Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Gum, Sugar, Baking Powder, Salt and Flax Meal in a bowl and throughly combine.
  • Add Banana to stand mixer and whip until almost all the lumps are gone.  
  • Add Milk, Peanut Butter, Oil and Eggs. Whip until fully combined.
  • Add dry mix and incorporate well, scraping down sides as needed.
  • Hand fold in chocolate chips.
  • Add batter into paper lined muffin tins, about 3/4's full.
  • Bake 22 minutes for regular sized muffins and 30-35 minutes for jumbo.
I will be sharing this recipe with Gluten Free Homemaker's Gluten Free Wednesday and Simply Sugar and Gluten Free's Slightly Indulgent Tuesday.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Week of June 27th, 2011

Well, we just got back from a two week trip back home and the cupboards were bare.  My brother was here watching the house and picking over the small selection I left behind. I stopped at the store and simply picked up some yellow tagged meats and frozen veggies and literally tossed a meal together while shopping.  LOL, I almost never do that. 

D: BBQ Country Style Spare Ribs, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw

L: Hotdogs
D: Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese and Broccoli

L: Nacho's
D: Spaghetti and Meatballs with Cheese Batter Bread

L: Pizza
D: Rotisserie Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Parsley Potatoes

L: Chicken Nuggets
D: Pizza and a movie night.  Hawaiian for the adults and cheese for the kids.

Going to a 4th party and bringing Cheese Cake Cupcakes and Greek Salad.

Grilled Hotdogs, Macaroni Salad

Looking for Menu Plan Ideas, head on over to Org. Junkie's Menu Plan Monday for lots of great ideas. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Low Carb and Gluten Free Southern Fried Chicken

So long day dreams of KFC.  I found a new love and won't be needing you anymore.  

Anybody who knows me very well, knows I had no idea what southern fried chicken was growing up. I knew it was breaded with "flour".  I know that some folks (Food TV foodie here) would soak the chicken in butter milk.  Seasonings.  But the whole idea of how it came together was a total mystery to me.  Can you believe that this is my very first ever attempt to make Fried Chicken?  At my age?  

This is good.  VERY good. Very. Very. Good.  I daydream about it now.

3 pounds of Chicken (I'm using all Thighs)
1 cup Buttermilk

3 Eggs
1/4 cup Water
3 Tablespoons Hot Sauce

2 cups Hodgson Mill Soy flour

Mrs. Dash Table Blend
Black Pepper

3 to 6 cups Oil (depends on pot used)
  • Rinse and pat dry chicken parts.
  • Soak Chicken in buttermilk in a ziplock bag or a container with a lid and place it in the Refrigerator to marinade.  I like to do this part up in the morning so its ready at dinner prep time.  Should be a minimum of 12 hours but don't worry about it being exact.
  • In a medium sized soup bowl, beat eggs, water and hot sauce.
  • In another bowl add Soy flour.  
  • Generously sprinkle chicken with Salt, Pepper and Mrs. Dash
  • Dip the checken in Egg mixture.
  • Next dip chicken in Flour and shake off excess.  Set Aside.
  • Heat oil to 325 degrees. This is just before smoking temperature.
  • Fry chicken in oil (10 minutes per side).  Internal temperature should be 180 degrees.  It's dishes like this that make me happy to own an instant read thermometer.

  • I'm using Soy Flour because of it's high Fiber and Protein content.  You could just as easily use Gluten Free Oat Flour or Brown Rice Flour.
  • I keep dried buttermilk in the pantry and that really comes in handy for a dish like this.
  • I would add 4 Tablespoons of Buttermilk Powder to a cup of Skim milk but water will do just as well.
  • Old "southern's" will say fry it till its golden brown. That just does not feel safe enough to me.  Go ahead and poke it with your instant read thermometer to double check.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Planning a Black Belt Birthday

Welcome to the picture tutorial of my Son's frugal Black Belt Birthday (otherwise know as a Karate Birthday Party).  I wanted something cool for him this year.  We had recently moved and it was a really tough adjustment for him.  He had to leave all his old friends, establish new ones.  Its been a rough spell for him.  What could be cooler than a Black Belt Birthday?  Especially for kids who take up Martial Arts!  Even if your child don't study Martial Arts, its still an awesome idea. Several of the children who attended our birthday party scheduled their own afterward even though they do not take up Martial Arts.

Where do you start?  First we secured our local instructors to host the birthday in their studio.  Their package included pizza and keeping the kids occupied with planned activities.  The kids enjoyed themselves with various karate instruction for most of the time leaving just enough time for Gifts and Cake.

Next, the invitation.  I layered the colors of cardstock allowing a small border of each to show (using the theme color of the establishment which was Black, Red, White).  Now the catchy little phrase.

Im sure if you read my blog you know two things.  I live in a tiny town and I like to keep my business local if at all possible.  So in order to do that and achieve a Black Belt Pinata I had to make one.  First I purchased the Red Spider Man pinata at Walmart.  I peeled off the red paper, spray printed the base white and spray glued white tissue to the whole thing.  Black tissue paper, some child like creativity and print outs from the internet complete the look!

Next the cake.  Any sheet cake can be made into this Black Belt Gee.  Just slice off 2 to 3 inches off the bottom, slice in half with a diagonal cut and place on the sides for sleeves.  Next the v for the neck and black frosting (or fruit strips).  None will be the wiser!  Go ahead and see where I found this AWESOME idea for this cake!

Featured in our Goodie Bags here are foam throwing stars, little ninja figurines, tattoos, stickers, even karate silly bands.  I also found bubbles with a sword through them as well as a sward pen.  I figured since the Karate Studio makes a big deal about cutting the cake with that huge sward, I would play off of that.  I did have to order online for some of these items.  Our local party store had the ninja's, throwing stars and stickers.  The rest I went to Amazon.

The studio provided pizza but I wanted to enhance on that theme and made some Candy Sushi.  Just use any rice crispy cereal (any kind you CAN eat, we secured a GF copycat at Whole Foods), gummy worms for the middle and fruit roll ups around the outside.   They were a huge hit!  The big tip with these is this: use a cooking sheet lined with parchment and rollup jelly roll style.

I always like to send home a cookie.  Its sort of a tradition for us.  This sword cookie fit the bill and the theme perfectly.  With very little parts to frost, it was not that complicated.  I found the plastic wrappers at Walmart.

Another great and frugal idea is to make sword balloons while the kids are eating.  I picked up the balloons from the dollar store and they worked great.  HERE are a couple of different kinds for you to view.  THIS is the sword I made.  Pirate sword I know, but we thought it was cool!  I know what you are thinking too, I can't twist balloons.  Trust me, if I can so can you. Its just one simple sword to master and everyone will think you are a birthday genius!  Nobody gets hurt with a balloon sword and everybody has fun.  Whats not to love about that!!!!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coconut Cream Pie

Lately I have gotten it into my head that I NEED to make a Coconut Cream Pie.  I think it has something to do with the Coconut Cream Hershey Kisses I had been eating over Easter break.  Man, are those things good.

My mom never really made deserts growing up.  My first ever real super awesome dessert experience was at Emeril's restarant!  Banana Cream Pie. How could I ever forget, its like he used magic in the recipe.  Remembering that experience, I went on over to Emeri's to see if he had a Coconut Creme Pie recipe.  Next I searched on the internet.  Most of the recipes I found had thousands of comments!   I took some time and read through the comments from all the various recipes.  I kept note of the comments, for example: use egg yolks only to thicken properly, no thats too custardy use the whole egg, 2 eggs, 5 eggs, all milk, no all milk has no flavor, all coconut milk, make your own coconut milk, use sweetened coconut, no use unsweetened coconut or it will be too sweet, use more sugar, no thats too sweet use less sugar, butter, no butter.  So many comments and decisions to make for what started out to seem like a simple recipe.

This recipe below is what I ultimately decided on, based on the thousands of comments I read though. This recipe below turned out A~W~E~S~O~M~E!  Even my super picky kids loved it. In fact my son has asked me to make this on a weekly basis now. Enjoy!

1 8-inch Pie Crust, Baked
3/4 cup Sugar
1 14 oz. can Coconut Milk (in Asian section of supermarket)
1 cup Half and Half (liquid total should be 2-1/2 cups)
1/4 cup Arrowroot (or corn starch)
3 Egg Yolks
1/4 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Coconut Extract
1 6 ounce package of Birds Eye Fresh Frozen Coconut

1 16 ounce Carton of Heavy Whipping Cream
3 Tablespoons Powdered Sugar
1/4 teaspoon Coconut Extract

  • Add Coconut Milk and Half and Half into a measuring cup or bowl and stir to combine (coconut milk comes separated in the can and the creme part will be slightly solid.
  • In a saucepan combine 3/4 cup sugar, and 2 cups of coconut milk/cream mixture. 
  • Simmer on medium low until mixture is bubbling just a bit round the edges and steamy in the middle.
  • Meanwhile, in a small mixing bowl, whisk the remaining 1/2 cup milk and cornstarch (or arrowroot) together until cornstarch is fully incorporated. 
  • Next, whisk egg yolks with salt in medium bowl.  Make sure Bowl is big enough to whisk properly.
  • Get out your 1/2 measure cup ladle ready (not plastic).
  • Keep bowl and whisk ready and near the simmering saucepan, this next part is a bit tricky. 
  • By now your hot milk should be ready.  Temper yolks by adding 1/2 cup of the hot milk mixture into the bowl with the yolks while whisking fast and furious with a fork or whisk.  
  • Add yolk mixture back into the hot milk mixture that is currently simmering on the stove. Whisk vigorously while adding.
  • Now add the milk/starch mixture into saucepan.  
  • Continue to whisk vigorously over medium heat until thickened, about 2 minutes. 
  • Filling will be finished cooking approximately 2 minutes or until bubbles are able to come though the mixture in the saucepan.  
  • You will have to eyeball it from here but do not take it off before its thick enough. Remove from heat and add coconut. Whisk until uniformly incorporated.
  • Pour the filling into the prepared pie shell. 
  • To Make Topping:
  • Next add whipping cream, sugar and extract in stand mixer until stiff peaks form.  Careful not to over mix.
  • Cover the pie with whipped topping and place in the refrigerator. Chill the pie completely, about 2 hours.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

My Geeked up Gluten Free Flour Blend: The Big Batch Theory

Math, Science, History
Unraveling the Mystery
It all started with a Big Batch!
(of flour and starches)

First things first. I really do not prefer to keep a gazillion different types of flours and starches around to make all the various different recipes I use day after day. I would MUCH rather have just one flour mix that is suitable for almost everything I make. With that in mind, I challenged myself to create a blend of Gluten Free flours and starches that suited my personal preferences. All of my recipes are developed to accommodate my favorite mix.

Since I use this mix for everything, it made sense to make a bulk batch, or as I like to call it, "The Big Batch." One problem.........I am not very mathematical or scientific. The way I went about roughly mixing my favorite flour blend was lazy at best. I never gave it a second thought and would add two bags of this and one bag of that. Sometimes I would keep the different types of flour separate and measure out but that leaves odd leftover amounts you really can't do much with until you add more back in. I could not share my favorite blend with you really. It was not exact so I asked my husband for help.

Meet the hubs. Im sure that most of my readers do not realize that my husband studied physics in college.  If you never get the chance to get to know him better, you will never realize that he is much brighter than he looks.  I lovingly call him "the mad scientist" and his FB page picture is of Beaker from the Muppets.  Thats him, carrot topped mad scientist.  The way he goes about accomplishing anything has an experimental flair to it.  I learned early on in our relationship that he had a reputation for doing most things with a twist of Rube Goldberg to it.

Without breaking a sweat really, he immediately came up with cups of measure in a spreadsheet form. Easy Peasy, right?

He suggested, though, that I should start weighing each flour and keep track and tried to explain to me the Weight versus volume theory.  All flows over my head really.  How it ends up is that we are mixing our Big Batch of flours and starches by weight.   Most bags of Bob's Red Mill Flour's and Starches are 24 ounces per bag.  Tapioca Starch comes in a 20 ounce bag so you will have to add a tad bit more to that portion to equal 24 ounces.

How do I recommend you mix up your big batch of flours and starches?   Easy.  Grab a bucket from Lowe's.  Wash it out if you must.  Its not food quality bucket, its just mixing bucket.  This one was a bit small for the job but it was what we had.

Grab your handy dandy drill and drill a hole in the lid the size of the top of the paint mixer attachment.

Add your flours into your bucket.  I'm adding 4-20 ounce bags of Tapioca, 3-24 ounce bags of Brown Rice Flour and 1-24 ounce bag of Potato Starch.  Add 1 pound of additional Tapioca Starch to equal 24 ounces per bag.  I don't think it would hurt if you just added a one pound box of Corn Starch instead nor do I think it would be a big deal to just skip the added portion.  There I go again, not being very scientific.  LOL.

Insert your lid with the hole onto the shaft of your fresh and clean Paint Mixing Attachment facing downward.  Insert the mixing blade into the flour and attach the lid tightly. Insert top portion of Drill bit into drill.  Mix it up good.  We let it mix for about 7 to 10 minutes.
Voila, you have a big batch of your favorite Gluten Free Blend and you did not have to pay a fortune for it.  You end up with 12 pounds of your favorite blend.  Our local Market has Bob's Red Mill at $3.25 a bag (20 to 24 ounces).  8 bags x $3.25 a bag equals $26.00 per 12 pound batch.  This option is about $2.17 a pound.

Maybe you think that making your own big batch of flour is crazy talk.  Maybe you have a full time job, Karate, Swim Lessons, Baseball, Ballet, Soccer.  No way you were going to get time to do all this.  Right? Below you will find some other worthy and outstanding flour blends that can easily be substituted in my recipes.  Just remember, if the blend has Gum already in it, leave that part out of the recipe.

Better Batter Flour is $56.01 for 15 pounds.  $3.73 a pound
Tom Sawyer Flour is $51.75 for 15 pounds. $3.45 a pound
Jules GF Blend is $$119.70 for 30 pounds.  $ 3.99 a pound

Note: As with anything, especially with Gluten Free baking, different flour blends may give you a different end result.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gluten Free Cheese Batter Bread

Only the best stuff on earth. OK so I stole that slogan. This bread really is VERY good. I don't know if many of you realize this but we really don't eat much bread around here. That is mainly how I can get away with a purely starchy mix of flour to begin with. So imagine my shock when I realized that the whole loaf was gone by dinner's end. It was that good!!! In fact, it smelled so good in the oven that we started breaking bits off while it was still baking. LOL. I think you should toy with this recipe and add more seasonings.  If you did not have young kids like me, you may even get away Fresh garlic maybe?  Every time we have an Italian meal from this moment forward, I will not longer feel sorry that I can't seem to master a good bread stick.

3/4 to 1 cup cup Warm Water (105 to 110 degrees)
2 Tablespoons Oil
2 Tablespoons Sugar
2 1/2 teaspoons Yeast
2 egg whites
1 whole egg
1/2 teaspoon Vinegar
1 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
2 teaspoons Xanthan Gum
1 cup Tapioca Starch
3/4 cups Brown Rice Flour
1/4 cup Potato Starch
1 1/2 cup Grated Sharp Cheddar

Preheat oven to 170 degrees. Once preheated turn oven off.
Lightly grease an 8 x 4 bread pan.Aqq

  • Add 3/4's Water, 1 tablespoon Sugar, Yeast into a small bowl or measuring cup.  Fill additional water to make a total of 1 cup.   Mix until combined.
  • Allow water to sit while yeast starts to get foamy.
  • Meanwhile, add Egg Whites and 1 tablespoon sugar into the mixing bowl.  Whip for approximately 1 minute or until it develops a soft peak.
  • Next add whole egg and fully incorporate.
  • Add Oil, Vinegar, Xanthan Gum, Salt, Baking Powder and Flours in mixer with whip attachment and whip for 3 or 4 minutes.
  • Gently fold in cheese. Pour into 8x4 baking pan. Use oiled hands to smooth over top if a pretty top is desired.
  • Place in warmed oven to rise about 1 hour (I warm my oven to 170 degrees and then turn oven off).  Allow to rise only until just slight above top of baking pan.  This will take anywhere from 35 minutes to 1 hour.  Keep checking.
  • Once fully risen, keeping dough in the oven, turn oven on to 350 degrees and set timer for 70 minutes. (This is NOT a typo. I have come to learn that the longer baking time helps the bread not to collapse.)
  • Take out of the oven and out of the pan and let rest on cooling rack onto bread is room temperature.
  • Slice with electric knife and freeze what you will not need immediately.

  • Rise time is approximate. In rising, bread should not rise beyond just slightly above top of the pan.
  • Don't rush the cooling step, it needs to cool properly or you will squash the bread.
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    Gardening Journal: June 7th, 2011

    We harvested a few more onions this week.  I may have to putt them all before we go on vacation though.  

    So exciting to go out to the garden and pluck what you want to eat for that day. This week we managed to eat a vegetable every day from our garden.  We had Green salad, Sauteed Cabbage, Cole Slaw, and Mashed turnips. I do not expect this to happen every week, well maybe we will have zucchini every day....LOL.  

    There are some empty spots that the harvest left behind so we have a little nursery tray started to fill in those spots.  I am rather surprised at how things regenerate themselves.  The broccoli is starting to grow back already as well as the cabbage.  I had no idea they would grow back let alone so fast.  LOL.

     We finished putting the landscaping cloth around the raised beds
    so we won't have to deal with the weeds.  All that is left to do is a 
    brick edger and we will be finished.

    Picked fresh Broccoli to accompany our Meatloaf dinner last week.

    and that plant is already sending out new ones.

    Behold, the first of many, many zucchini.

    First Watermelon

    Whoo Hoo, a bell pepper.  Yay!

    And finally, that onion comparison I promised.  
    Is a hand good enough to compare its size?

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    Wordless Wednesday @ Proverbs 31 Mommy


    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Menu Plan Monday: Week of June 6th, 2011

    All the vegetables we needed this week week we went to out garden and picked fresh.  How cool is that?  We had Green Salad, Sauteed Cabbage, Cole Slaw, Steamed Broccoli and Mashed Turnips.  Our garden is not necessarily going to produce like this all summer like that but it was exciting.  Well, maybe we will get to harvest Yellow and Green Squash and tomatoes every day.  LOL.

    I had some ground beef in the fridge from the Sweadish Meatballs dinner that I needed to use up so Saturday's Cheese Enchilada's turned into Hamburger Helper night.  Do we ever love that dish!!!  If you have not tried it yet, you really should.  Chicken Legs were $.59 cents a pound so thats what we had on Sunday.  All the other days went as planned.

    This is our last Menu Plan Monday before we head out on our two week vacation.  Saturday is our first Camping meal.  My brother will be holding down the fort, feeding the pets and hopefully watering our vegetable garden.  I think What I will do is come back and post how we are surviving on the road with Celiac.

    L: Amy's Cheese Enchiladas
    D: Roast Pork, Mac & Cheese -> I actually have some made up and ready in the freezer.

    L: Hotdogs, Baked Beans
    D: Hard Shell Taco's, Cheese Enchiladas, Rice and Beans.

    L: Nacho's with Cheese
    D: Chicken and Rice Casserole

    L: Mini Pizza's
    D: Fettuccine Alfredo with Mushrooms and Broccoli, Cheese Batter Bread

    L: Chicken Nuggets
    D: Pizza and Salad night.  My brother stumbled onto my blog and wanted to know why this pepperoni pizza never actually makes it to the table.  LOL.  Seems like I should pick up some Pepperoni and supplies to make a Hawaiian Pizza.

    Saturday (camping):
    L: Lunchmeat Roll-ups, Yogurt.  My travel lunch plan with celiac kids.  I am going to use corn tortilla's and use that for the sandwich bread.
    D: Rosemary Chicken.  We will be camping when we actually cook this dish.  What I will do is marinade it ahead of time and put it in a ziplock bag ready to be cooked.

    Sunday (camping):
    L: Lunchmeat Roll-ups, Yogurt
    D: Hobo Packets.  Another camp favorite.  I will tell my children that its like a camping hamburger and maybe then they will eat it without worry.  LOL.

    Looking for Menu Plan Ideas, head on over to Org. Junkie's Menu Plan Monday for lots of great ideas. 

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Betty Crocker Baker's Challenge Gluten Free Recipe Contest

    Now through June 30th, visit www.glutenfreely.com/bakerschallenge for the chance to win a Grand Prize of $5,000. The grand prize winner will also have the chance to be featured on a Betty Crocker® Gluten Free dessert mix or Bisquick® Gluten Free baking mix package and/or be featured in a Betty Crocker publication! All you have to do is submit an original gluten free holiday-themed appetizer, bread or dessert recipe, using any Betty Crocker Gluten Free dessert mix or Bisquick Gluten Free baking mix.

Recipes will be judged on five key categories:
    1. Taste
    2. Creativity
    3. Ease of Preparation
    4. Consumer Appeal
    5. Appearance
    One of 10 selected finalists, you will receive a Betty Crocker Gluten Free Baking gift basket filled with baking items and Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes. Even more exciting, finalists´ recipes will be featured on www.glutenfreely.com/bakerschallenge and voted on by the Gluten Freely community to determine the Grand Prize Winner!

    For great recipe tips, ideas, and suggestions, visit www.glutenfreely.com to help get you started and learn more about the Baker´s Challenge Gluten Free Recipe Contest.

    Buy It:

    Now through the end of June, you can save 20% on the purchase of any of the five Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes. Visit www.glutenfreely.com/ourstore to buy yours today!

    Win It:

    One lucky reader will win the prize pack listed above.  Get out that old recipe box submit those ideas. I know I have some awesomely talented readers and blogger friends. I would love to see one of you win.

    To Enter
    • Leave me a comment and let me know if you plan to submit a recipe to the contest.
    For Additional Entries:
    • Share the fact that GlutenFreely.com will be running a 20% off Sale on all mixes during the month of June on one of your social networks.  (one entry each, please comment telling me you have done so)
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    Disclaimer:  Information and product provided to me by Betty Crocker through My Blog Spark.

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