May's Freezer Cooking, Once a Month Cooking, Batch Cooking...... Part 2

Everywhere I shopped last Thursday, my food shopping day, I stumbled upon great "manager special" ground meat deals.  All under $2 a pound and were anywhere from $1.50 to $1.80 a pound.  They all needed freezing by the next day.  So you know what I did?  I purchased a total of 19 pounds over three stores.  While I was at Kroger I picked up 3 3-pound rolls of ground beef and 2 1-pound packages of ground turkey.  I left the store thinking great deal, glad I went shopping here today.  I never expected to come across any more.  Next stop was Hays where I picked up a 3-pound package of ground beef and then Walmart where I picked up one 5 pound roll of ground beef.   It really was not my intention to spend all my grocery budget on ground beef but when the opportunity knocks, I generally like to answer it.

I took my purchases home and had an impromptu Once a Month Cooking day for dinner starters (or investment cooking).  I had no real plan so I can't share that part with you.  I just put sicky lables on each roll or pack to suggest what I needed to make with it.  Worked on  mix and freeze first and then moved onto the mix/cook/freeze meats.

Look at all those Yellow Stickers

4 Dinners worth of Bolognese Meat Sauce

3 Meals of Meatballs.  They are giant so one per person.

One Batch of Mini Meatballs for Swedish Meatballs

3 dinners worth of plain old ground beef ear marked for Hamburger Helper
(a project I am currently working on... Pantry ready GF replacements for Boxed HH)

3 Batches marked for Taco Dinner and 1 for Taco Pizza

2 Meatloaf Dinners

2 Hamburger Dinners

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