May's Freezer Cooking, Once a Month Cooking, Batch Cooking......

This week I ended up with several good deals at the grocery in the meats department.  I spent most of Friday and Saturday prepping the products I scored.  Add to the fact that I already have a baking day.  I thought a picture tutorial would be a nice way to walk you though my mini Once a Month Cooking, Batch Cooking or Freezer Cooking.  Whatever you want to call it!  LOL:

Make and Bake Pizza Pie Crust Shells.  
I am not topping these first, just freeze for later use.

Make ahead Hamburger and Hotdog Rolls.  Freeze for later use.

Bake a Loaf of Bread, slice and freeze. 

Baking a sheet cake and freezing half.

Buying whole chicken breasts, de-bone, slice in half.
Add breading and freeze.

Take those bones and make stock.

And pick the meat off the bone for a quick Casserole.

Cook and freeze taco meat.

Make spiced up quick bread for the week.

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