Gardening Journal: May 31st, 2011

Harvest time.  Well a mini harvest anyway.  We pulled up Turnips which I suppose I will hide in some mashed potatoes.  We also ended up pulling up a few onions too.  I figured the onions are still a bit small so I can leave them there a bit longer.  They look beautiful though and I'm so excited.  Last year we must have done something wrong and most of our onions rotted in the ground.

We also weeded a bit and sprayed BT since the cabbages were just starting to get infested with those dang little worms.  Hate-em.

This Week's Harvest

The Hubs says if the onions float, they are good.

Wow, thats allot of turnips.  
See the big versus small turnips?  
Thats a spacing experiment.  Space needed really does matter.

Romain Lettuce
Washed and set out a bit to dry.

Cone Head Cabbage?  From Mars? 
Tee Tee. :-D
This is what happens when you crowd the cabbage plants
They need that sunlight, so the keep growing up ward to find it.

And probably my most interesting bit of this weeks harvest.
This onion is trying to re-establish itself by sending out a new stalk.  
How cool is that?
I think I need to quickly chop and freeze them to preserve those growth enzymes.

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