Gardening Journal: May 24, 2011

Our Sugar Snap Peas are just about to give us yet another harvest.  I did not snap a pic of that again this time though.  Needless to say I am SHOCKED!  I had no idea I would get so much from this bush.  The hubs took some to work with him right off the vine today.

Last week I only seen one onion poking out.  This week all of the Onions are growing right out of the ground.  All of them are HUGE now.  Maybe I'll get a means of comparison next time around.
Are you wondering how to harvest onions?  Check out our favorite gardener's (The Bayou Gardener)
Video on how to harvest and then how to CURE them.  I personally like to chop and freeze them so they are cooking ready.

Can you believe this MASSIVE plant is one turnip?  
See that snippet of purple near the dirt line?
Any locals want some turnip greens?  LOL.

Cauliflower has started, yay!  

And to give you an idea how big our broccoli/cauliflower bed is...

Baby Purple Cabbage Heads, hello babies!!!

Beets!  I love beets.

Our climbing plants want to just sprawl across the ground.

And each week I need to weave them though the wire.

Those flowers last week are tomatoes this week.
EEEEeeeeek!  I'm so excited.

This lettuce needs to be picked ASAP or it too will bolt.  
They say once the central stalk appears the lettuce will become bitter.
I'll be out harvesting and weeding today.

I will be sharing todays gardening progress with the following:

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