Gardening Journal: May 18, 2011

Mary, Mary quite contrary look at your garden grow! 

I have been watching this garden grow for about a month now, and looking over at our Sugar Snap Peas and thinking, I really should feature them soon.  I went over there mid week to snap a picture and to my shock there were a bush full of beans to harvest!  OH my stars!!!  My kids ate the beans right off the vine.  I think I'm in gardening heaven!  Next year, we will plant two bushes!

Look at all those Sugar Snap Peas

I wanted you to see this container planter my Husband made for the peas.
The container was supposed to be for Tomato Plants but tomatoes were NOT happy in there.
Pea's sure are tho.

Some of the Pea Harvest.

We are getting the baby plants cold ready in a wagon with high sides.
This way the wind won't hurt them.

Hello there Mr. Onion! :-D

Romaine and Bolted Broccoli
Apparently this was not the right time to plant Broccoli.
We are allowing it to go to flower and keeping the plant so it can
reproduce in the fall when it should.

Our Climbers suffered from the crop dusters (so much for organic)
But made a rebound. Yay compost!

Tomato plants busted though the grate.
Notice only one plant per type, you will have to trust me that this will be plenty.

Tomato Flowers already!

Notice our nice and clean raised beds. I assure you that I do not spend all day in the garden. Only once a week does the job with raised beds filled with compost. If you don't do raised bed gardening, you really should try it.

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