Barbara's Bakery Puffins Cereal Review

When I was asked to participate in Mambo Sprout's campaign to celebrate Celiac Awareness Month in May I was happy to oblige. OK, excited. I really do not like trying out new Gluten Free products only to discover that most of it will go to waste. 
For the most part, my family doesn't care for store-bought, gluten free products, that's why I make so many things from scratch. Finding a gluten free cereal that my kids enjoy has become a challenge (see 1/2 full cereal boxes nearing their expiration dates three rows deep).

 The kids complained of things like they smell badly, the sweetness tasted funny and the cereal would stay crunchy even after soaking in milk. Now I want you to know that cereal bashing is not my intentions here. I realize tastes are different and therefore everyone’s opinion of various products will be different. What I want is to allow you to enter into the mindset of my children when presented with this “new” cereal.

First off, the box looks like a “healthy Cereal”. Aside from the cute Puffin Bird on front, the box looks and reads like an adult type cereal. This cereal boasts an impressive 3 g of Fiber and 8g of Whole Grains. Getting Fiber and Whole Grains into a Gluten Free diet is not an easy task to accomplish. Especially for us since what little bread products we do eat, are mostly made of starchy flours because those are the ones that most resemble wheat products in finished products (in our opinion). Another thing that caught my eye was that fact that it has 1.07g of Nutra-Flora per 30g serving (a prebiotic soluble fiber that promotes healthy digestion, enhances mineral absorption and reinforces immunity).

In addition to the above, Multigrain Puffins are:

  • Fat Free
  • Low Sugar – only 6g
  • Low in Sodium
  • A good source of fiber (3g)
  • An excellent source of calcium, iron and both vitamins C & D (one serving provides 25% of your daily calcium and vitamin D needs)
  • Free of hydrogenated oils or trans fats
  • Free of artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Wheat-free
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Kosher

So, how did my children react to being presented with this cereal? For dinner no less! Well I recorded it on video for you to see for yourself.

The first words our of my daughter’s mouth were, “Mommy it taste’s good and does not smell bad”. LOL! That plus the very fact that my Gluten eating son will consume it at all is significant. In fact the whole box was gone in no time flat. I am going to have to buy this by the case sometime real soon.

As an adult with a wide experience of cereals, I want to give you an idea of what the taste of this cereal reminds me of. I believe the taste to be a cross between Sugar Pop’s, Captain Crunch and Honeycomb cereal. We really all were very impressed with this very normal tasting cereal. It has a wonderful taste and texture. You do not have to be gluten free to really enjoy this cereal. There is no compromise here, it tastes great.  My only wish is that they made this in Peanut butter or chocolate flavor!!!

Here is the link to Barbara's Bakery Cereal and I benefit in no way from this link or this review.

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