Menu Plan Monday: Week of April 18th, 2011

Its hard to believe that its Easter week already.  TIme sure does go by fast.  I have had family visiting for the last few weeks so posting slowed down.  It's hard to get posting done since that requires shutting myself int he office my myself and neglecting my visitors.

My daughter's birthday was a huge success and her cake turned out so adorable.

In addition to my daughter's Birthday Party, it was also my son's Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts this past Saturday.  Each year at the banquet each boy makes a cake and it is auctioned off to raise funds for the boys summer activities.  We were trying to decide what sort of cake to make, my son and I, while I was going though my emails.  I opened up an email from Hoosier Homemade while chatting with my son and it happened to be her Cupcake Tuesday edition.  In that was a link for a chick cake.    For my son it was love at first site.  It was not within theme but he did not care.  He HAD to make this cake for his auction. Fine I think, it does not look too hard (most round).  "Oh but wait, PEEPS, I must make it to look like a peep instead", he said.  GREATTttttt, LOL.  That does not sound easy at all!!!!!!  But I am not one to back down in a challenge. We set out to plan our peep cake.  I will definitely blog it this week as my husband wants me to submit it to PEEP headquarters!  LOL.  This cake allowed my son to walk away with a trophy.  Here is a picture of it on the auction table.

As you can imagine, I am TOTALLY out of cake mix now.  So in desperation for MORE cake (3 birthday parties this week and my little one needed cupcakes to bring) I created my own home made gluten Free Cake recipe.  It was totally awesome and I must share that this week too.  So that is my week in review.  Notice there is no actual food in that review.  LOL.  I did not plan a menu nor do I recall what I served!!!  Here is my ideas for this week.  Later on in the week I will blog my Easter Plan.

Simmered Pork Chops, Wild Rice, Veggies

Pizza & Salad

Chicken Cutlets, Mashed Potatoes

My Brother's Birthday Dinner!  Happy Birthday Ed.  His favorite is Italian Vegetable Stew over Pasta.  Home made birthday cake is on the agenda for this night too!

Friday: Turkey Hamburgers on Fresh Baked Buns with French Fries

Saturday: Roasted Chicken Legs, Brown Rice, Spinach

Sunday: Easter Dinner

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