Menu Plan Monday: Week of April 11th, 2011

Remember how I made the kids do the menu plan and actually food shop for the items?  While the actual event was a huge success, it did not prevent them from complaining at dinner :-( LOL!

This week is my little princess Claire's birthday.  I WAS going to take a cake making class and learn how to decorate her birthday cake.  I never did sign up, I was just worried about spending all those evenings away from the kids.  I wish they had daytime classes.  So I contacted a local cake baker, supplied her the the cake pan, the boxes of Gluten Free Mix and Jello (you should not make a gluten free cake without it IMO) and Gluten Free instructions.  I think it will work out great and this will free me up to work on other issues.  Here is the cake she selected.  It has tiny stars all over it which is the part that made me nervous.

She will have princess crown themed goodie bags, a princess crown pinata and a cupcake tree with princess crown rings as toppers to the cupcakes.  I am going to be making some roll out cookies cut out in the shape of princess crown's as well.  

Taco Dinner

Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw

Wednesday (church dinner):
Meatloaf, Shells and Cheese, Green Beans, Birthday Cake


Pizza, Salad and a Movie



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