Gardening Journal: April 26, 2011

I decided to remove the gardening segment from my Menu Plan Monday posts and give this little weekly update a place of it's own.

In case you missed my previously saying so, this is our second year Organic Gardening. Last year was our rookie attempt and although we harvested way more tomatoes than we could EVER eat or process, we also had allot of problems. Problems like weeds and pests that destroyed way too much. This year we added Row Covers, 3 additional 8' x 4' raised beds, black landscaping cloth and a row of slanted fencing to accommodate the climbing plants.  Each year we plan to add another row of 3 8'x4' beds until our planting space is all completed.

Here are the pics of the boys making the raised beds.

This is our garden section, from the older raised beds back.
Last year we just tilled and planted right in the ground.

3 new Raised Beds planted in the ground.
To the left of the shop there, is our compost section of the yard
And here are the Climbers.  This row is not finished.
The end will be finished to accommodate the Squash.
Existing beds got external skeletons.
New beds have the connecting tubs built right in.

You can almost get an idea of what the row covers looked like.  Notice the past tense of that statement?  Well the winds came and blew them all apart. They gave up a good fight, poor little row covers. They protected the fragile plants inside while sacrificing themselves. The winds they had to endour seemed strong enough to almost break our windows out!!!

Wind Damage

Another Angle.
Just the covering cloth was really damaged and they
did what they were supposed to do, keep the plants safe.

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