Menu Plan Monday: Week of March 21st, 2011

First and foremost, it is spring break for us this week. Plans are in the works for a zoo trip.

I did not get around to the freezer cooking I had planned on doing.  I plan to at least purchasing the supplies this week.

The boys worked on constructing our Raised Beds this weekend.  Follow THIS link to get a better explanation of what we are up to.  Each year we plan on putting in a row of three 4'x8' beds until our whole entire gardening section is filled in.  This year we also decided to add Row Covers.  There are many ways to doing this, Rebar or Tubing for example.  We decided to anchor 1 1/4" tubing around the beds and insert 3/4 inch flexible tubing for the arches.  We are adding Row Covers for pest management but there are lots of other great reasons to go with Row Covers.  For one we like to start our own plants from seeds indoors.  It is the least expensive way to go about vegetable gardening. Transferring them outside has always been difficult for us and we end up loosing allot of plants this way.  You can start gardening sooner with the protection of a cover.  Speaking of staring plants from seeds, the indoor nursery is doing outstanding!  The flowers and vegetables are taking off.

Chicken Cutlets and mashed potatoes.  I found a Gluten Free Planko style bread crumb at the whole foods market during my last trip.  They really do keep the cutlets covered in a nice crunch and it is great for baked chicken.  Last time split Chicken breasts were on sale I purchased a few packs and pre-breaded them all up ahead of time.
Herbed Sirloin Tip Roast, Parsley Potatoes.  This savory dish is a beautiful combination of the natural gravy the roast creates, red wine and herbs.  I usually serve it for special dinners but lately I have been serving lots of quick meals and thought it was about time I made my family a nice meal.

Breaded Pork Chops, Wild Rice.  Pork chops are another favorite dish of my family.  Not sure exactly what I will do yet though.

Chicken Croquettes.  If you bother making these at all, make up a few dinners worth.  I really think it would be something fun for the kids to help with.  My mother purchases her croquettes from a wonderful Amish store where she lives.  I'm so jealous! LOL.  I will just have to keep working on my own recipe until I get close to what she is able to purchase.

Pasta Dish.  Im not sure what I'll come up with but during Lent, Friday is Pasta day.

Sherry Chicken.  I am going to saute the chicken along with garlic and onion.  Then I will add sherry and cream to make a nice sauce.

White Chicken Chili

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