Menu Plan Monday: Week of March 14th, 2011

Another "mini" holiday is upon us.  It is Saint Patricks day on Thursday and I am gearing up for all things Green!  I am going to "borrow" this lovely idea presented by Christy over at Souther Plate and pack my children an all green lunch on Thursday.  I ran all over town looking for Gluten Free green foods and snacks.  I could not find green cellophane, darn-it, so I'll have to do without that.  I did manage to find few Gluten Free green items like: Jello, green berry juice, a package of green only M&M's, Green foil wrapped mint flavored chocolates and a bag of Lays Sour Cream and onion Chips.  I wish I could have found that green apple sauce!

I feel a Freezer Cooking session coming on as well.  I want to stock one of my freezers with pressed hamburgers, meatballs, meatloaves, and pre cooked ground hamburger.  It has been a while since I did this and its long over due!

Thursday evening we will be celebrating in our usual fashion, Pub Style Ham and Cabbage.  My recipe is definitely NOT a traditional one.  That is OK though, I"m not Irish! LOL.  It is more like a cross between Leek Potato Soup meets Ham and Cabbage.  I will also make some of Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies that Betty Crocker is featuring in their latest email of all things Irish.  Ours of course will be Gluten Free. Betty is usually pretty good at posting a Gluten Free version, this time they did not so I'm going to wing it!

And finally, our indoor nursery plants are starting to bloom.  It is a very exciting time for the children.

My husband and I actually have a banquet to go to tonight.  Yay!  My brother will watch the kids. As soon as the children come home from school I'm headed out to Burger King for the children so they can partake in the discount children's meal night ($1.99).  Our BK actually has a dedicated French Fry vat that they are extremely strict with (no bonus onion rings). They also make up my daughter a "crabby patty" especially for her being careful not to cross contaminate (don't you love tiny towns?). It all comes packaged nicely in a plastic container with a lid and they place it nicely inside the "kids meal" bag along with her toy.  She is in kiddy meal heaven!

My intention is to use up that extra taco meat I cooked up last week at Taco Night.  This time I'm using Philly Cooking Cream Santa Fe blend and adding some corn, Peppers and Onions to create a Taco Pasta Dish.  I will serve it with a salad and maybe some fresh baked rolls.  I will also be converting this Baked Lemon Pudding Recipe to be Gluten Free.

I have no idea what is going on at Church this week food wise, Maybe I'll make and take a pizza with us just in case.

Pub Style Ham and Cabbage

Spaghetti and Salad.



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