Menu Plan Monday: Week of February 21st, 2011

We got out in the garden this weekend and started to work on the soil. We actually planted the potatoes and it felt real good to get my hands in the soil again.  We planted twice as much potatoes as last year.  Last years harvest was super awesome.  We got a late start for potatoes last year so this year we did it right timing wise.  We picked up some organic celery and carrot seeds so we should get started on those real soon since they are another example cold tolerant veggies. We had more tomatoes last year than we knew what to do with so I think less tomato plants will be in order.  I mean seriously they got to be over 8 foot tall and were all too close together.  They were so dense that you could not get to the middle tomatoes.  Definitely going to fix that this year.  We kinda get overwhelmed with the massive amounts of tomatoes and got sort of lazy about plucking them in time.  These plants were over achievers and literally had tomatoes rotting on the vine.  Seems like maybe I should be picking them before the ripened to avoid this.  If we put less plants in and pluck them in a timely manner then the plants we do have will produce better too.  We picked up some summer squash too (yellow and green).  No zucchini this year.  Im all burned out from too much zucchini.  LOL.  We think the basil should come back, waiting to see if this happens.  Otherwise, I need to plant one of those too.  I want a WHOLE STRIP of Cilantro.  Man I love that spice.

I'm not really motivated about my menu plan this week.  I have no clue what I feel like serving.  Below is what I have available yet in the freezer.  Im still working on making space for my half a cow.  We are even considering now getting a half of pig.

I need to make something with that leftover pile of ham in the freezer.  I just don't know what.  HELP!  LOL.

Grilled Kielbasa, sauteed cabbage.

Church Dinner. Im cooking again, Roast and mashed potatoes.  My turn last time was cancelled due to snow.

Baked Chicken Legs, mashed potatoes and veggies.

Pizza and Garden Salad.

Chicken Pot Pie.  I am going to cook up enough chicken on Thursday to have enough leftovers for this dish.  Im going to post that new pie crust recipe soon.

Fresh tomato sauce with garlic and butter served over spirals.

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