Menu Plan Monday: Week of February 7th, 2011

Last week I lined up my available meals still in the freezer.  This method was a huge flop for me.  I really need to decide for myself ahead of time or my crazy hectic life and scatter brained tendencies gets in the way and I am left scratching my head in front of the freezer thinking, "what's for dinner".  Last week I had lots of quickie dinners as a result.  Dinners like Hamburgers, fried sausages with wild rice and baked chicken.  I did make some effort last week with a chicken pot pie and actually tried a new pie crust recipe that was better than my last pie crust recipe. I will be sharing it this week. I have also been working on mastering a cut out cooke that will hold the exact shape I cut it into and still be good for the "wheat eaters".  Why you ask?  To give out at my daughters birthday of course.  If you click HERE you will see what I ordered for her last year.  This year I intend to make the crown only and give them out.  I am also practicing on my Royal Icing decorating for said cookies. Shortbread is where I'm leaning these days.  The trial run batch I made last week and brought to the Kindergarten lunch table were a hit.  The kids LOVED the melt in your mouth type cookie.

On a good note I brought my new Pizza Recipe to a birthday party.  I always ask ahead and copy what they are serving in a Gluten Free way for my daughter.  Well I can't just make one slice, I had to make the whole pie and figured I'd just bring it all.  Some of the adults thought it was the "adult" food and ate some of it not realizing it was Gluten Free.  That is until I served one to my daughter (who happens to be locally famous for being the youngest Celiac in my tiny little town).  All the adults I asked to be blunt in their opinions told me that this recipe would pass. They had no idea it was Gluten Free and it was MUCH better than my previous attempts at making pizza crust.  I was told that I could stop trying to improve it now!  Yay!

Working at the Church today so I just tossed some Anelini Pasta in the crock pot along with some mini pre-packaged frozen meatballs (that probably are intended for cocktails).  When we all get home at 3:15 pm we will have some home made Spaghetti O's to eat for dinner.  Then we are outta here for Karate Classes and Cub Scouts.  Busy night!

I think I am going to bake some Chicken Breasts and serve it with Japanese Steak House style fried rice (recipe to follow) and veggies.  Tomorrow I am cooking the Church dinner so I need to make tons of tiny Cheesecake Cupcakes on Tuesday.

Church dinner.  I will me making some Crock Pot Roast Beef (40 to 50 pounds to be exact), 20 pounds of freshly Mashed Potatoes, buttered corn, fresh baked rolls and a tossed salad.  Cheesecake Cupcakes for dessert.

Taco's sound good for this day. I'll serve it with Mexican Rice and Refried Beans which I'll start via crock pot in the morning.

Cheese Enchilada's with home made Enchilada Sauce.  I'll serve the leftover rice and beans from night before.


Ham Tetrazzini.

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