Menu Plan Monday: Week of January 3rd, 2011

Well, it's January.  A brand new year.  A chance to start all over again and do things differently. I have plans for this year.  Not well formed out plans yet, but they are in the works none-the-less.  But in the meantime I am thinking of participating in a pantry challenge to use up or clean out and reduce what I have in the pantry. It will be more of a challenge this year.  We are gluten free now and I buy most of my supplies from Amazon in bulk on purpose because I can not source too many gluten free items locally.  So I do not necessarily want to use them all up.  But my ultimate goal is the operate on a strict budget for the month of January.  All of the items below I have already prepared in the freezer.

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn.

Ham.  Oh so much ham.  I have no idea how I will prepare it.  But Tetrazzini was very good. Or maybe I will just bake it with brown sugar glaze

Cream of Kielbasa and Bean Soup

Hamburgers with Fresh Baked Buns and French Fries.

Salisbury Steaks, mashed potatoes and broccoli.

Saturday: Lunch: Sandwiches with Chips and dip.  Dinner: Pizza.

Sunday: Lunch: Sandwiches with Chips and dip.  Dinner: Hotdogs with Fresh Baked Buns.

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