Menu Plan Monday: Week of January 24th, 2011

I am still attempting to eat from the pantry again this week.  During last weeks shopping trip I picked up a few key ingredients that needed to be replaced and I purchased one pack of chicken breasts that were on sale for $.97 a pound.  I actually took a day least week to clean out my pantry and take an inventory of what exactly was in there.  I'd say there is an overabundance of cereal but the rest is dwindling nicely.

I followed my plan last week exactly as I was supposed to.  The Cheese Enchiladas were great!  At least the adults liked it. The kids still preferred Amy's brand so I'll have to keep on working on it.  My latest pizza experiment was a HUGE success.  It was the best recipe EVER!  Thank you Gluten Free Mommy for the original recipe which I have adapted.  The Chili Cheese Potato Casserole was a flop.  For my husband not to eat it, it must be a bad idea.  LOL. The chili was good, the cheese sauce was good, it was the potatoes I used (bag of Ore Ida).  I know, I was supposed to use up that 20 pound bag I have.  I was lazy and out of time.  I really need to use up those potatoes this week or turn them into Freezer Mashed Potatoes.

Monday: Chicken Tacos, Mexican rice, Refried Beans.  I have some leftover enchilada sauce from my cheese enchiladas experiment and I thought this would be the perfect way to use that leftover.

Tuesday: Chicken Legs, Macaroni and Cheese, Green beans.  I may try to cook this Picnic Chicken style.  I am wondering if this recipe will work gluten free.

Wednesday: Church Dinner

Thursday: Hamburgers served on fresh baked Rolls, baked beans and broccoli
Friday: Home Made Pizza, Fresh Green Salad

Saturday: Brown Sugar Ham.  I have leftover ham from Christmas.  Its a giant one actually so I may have to figure out how to half it.  But I must force myself to use it up before it gets freezer burned.

Sunday: Undecided...

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