Menu Plan Monday, Week of January 17th, 2011

I still have about 10 pounds of those potatoes from that HUGE 20 pound bag for $3.98.  I am going to have to figure out how I want to process them this week so they don't go bad.  Side dishes go a long way at our house.  The only potato dish that does not result in leftovers is Mashed.

Last weeks deals are still carrying me over to this week.  You will see the chicken and rice appear this week again.  This week I managed to secure ground beef for a good price.

I got my kids to eat the Salisbury Steaks by pretending they were Hamburgers and sticking them on rolls.  felt like Jessica Seinfeld and Deceptively Delicious giggling in the kitchen.  Tee Hee!  Score one for team Mommy!

We never did have the pizza from last week as well as the pasta.  In fact, Sunday we ate Cake for dinner!!! I guess every week there seems to be at least one dish that does not get made.  We end up eating what is on hand that day instead.

On a side note, the pastor at our church told me yesterday that the cookies I brought in over the holidays were gross.  LOL.  I love that he felt comfortable enough to tell me this and no my feelings are NOT hurt.  The cookies I brought in were not MY recipe.  The recipe I used you ask?  Pamela's Vanilla Roll Out Cookies recipe.  In hindsight, it was probably not a good idea to use a recipe I had not tried out first. I am most positive that had I brought in THIS recipe, they would have never noticed the difference.  Be fore warned, they may roll out and keep their shape  nicely, but they DO NOT taste good according to the "Wheat Eaters".

I heated up a TV dinner one night last week.  It was Amy's Cheese Enchiladas.  It looked really gross.  So much so that I made a negative comment upon looking at it with son was there and listening.  If you have small kids, you will know that this is a HUGE no-no. So when he seen me take a bite and respond with joy he was shocked.  MAN was it good.  My son was shocked at my positive response and asked to try it and he liked it too.  So today I want to try and copy that dish.  Cheese Enchiladas on Corn tortillas, mexican rice.  I will also be making the big bowl of salad, some fresh bread for the week.  Dessert for the week is chocolate cake.

I absolutely LOVE going to the Japanese Steakhouse in the next town over.  It is my all time favorite place to go.  The best part is the rice. But January and February are budget food months so I am not going.  Therefore I need to make some.   Chicken Stir Fry with Fried Rice served with Japanese Yum Yum sauce.

Church is serving Chicken Spaghetti.  My son LOVED this dish last time it was served.  When I attempted to make it at home, he would not eat it.  This is my second chance to see how exactly they made it and get it right.

Pizza (new recipe) served with a green tossed salad.  Since Friday's are pizza day at school, I decided that making pizza on Thursday was a better idea.  This way I can send the leftover to school the next day.


Chili served with White Rice.  That white rice I punched last week for $.50 is going a long way this week.  

Hot dogs and Chili Cheese Potatoes.  I am going to use the leftover chili here.

Using some of those potatoes to make some Gnocchi I think.  Gnocchi's are a soft and tender pillow like potato type dumpling.  My kids just love these.  I will serve it with some of that frozen meat sauce I have in the freezer.  If I feel adventurous I may attempt to bake some garlic sticks.  In my house, bread does not rise when I make it on Sundays.  Odd I know.  

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