Menu Plan Monday, Week of January 10th, 2011

I am following along with the Pantry Challenge over at GoodCheapEats.  January is a time for new beginnings.  Along with that same thinking it seems like a nice time to renew your pantry, clean it out and pass along anything you have that is in excess that you my not need. This part is particularly hard for me.  I grew up dirt poor and food was not in abundance for us.  What I have to remind myself in doing this challenge is that the sales rotate and will indeed come back.  I start to see the supply getting small and think it will take more than I have to get it back. This is not so and lucky I have been doing it long enough now to know better now.

Each week I resolve to surf the sale ads for our local grocery store and purchase what is deeply discounted either with coupons or without.  And then I challenge myself to use what I purchased in a Gluten Free meal plan.

This will I secured lots of really discounted chicken breasts at $.98/lb., Chicken legs were 10 pounds for $4.90, potatoes were $3.98 for a 20 pound bag.  That huge bag of potatoes sure does look intimidating.  LOL.  Its Potato Week once again.

Baked Chicken Legs, Parsley Potatoes, Veggie and Cheddar Biscuits.    Monday is the day I catch up on my baking.  Do I have enough sandwich bread for the week?  Rolls?  Breakfast breads?  I also make a dessert that will usually last the week for us.  Today I will be baking a Banana Cake.  

We never did get to those Salisbury Steaks last week so here they are again. I'll serve them with mashed potatoes and broccoli.  

Church has Breakfast for Dinner.

Chicken Cutlets, French Fries and Corn.

Pizza and Green Salad.  The last pizza crust I tried my hubs said was the best yet.  This week I have another one to try.    Once I figure it out I think I will have to start making make ahead mixes.  

Soup, Salad and Fresh Baked Rolls.  I have lots of soup in the freezer from the holidays.  Bean and turkey noodle.  One of them will appear on the menu this week.

Spaghetti and Meatballs with Fresh Baked Rolls

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